Anthem Masterwork Reroll | View Challenges, Masterwork Blueprints unlock guide

Simply unlocking Anthem Masterwork weapons and equipment isn’t enough if you hope to compete at the higher Grandmaster difficulties. While the Masterwork guns are significantly more powerful than the Epic variants, their randomized stat boosts and effects can sometimes be disappointingly weak, or don’t synergize well with a set build. In a perfect world, players would be able to change Masterwork stats, rerolling the weapons again and again in order to get the optimal loadout. Well, there’s good news, as this Anthem Masterwork reroll guide is here to confirm that, yes, you can try your luck at getting better weapon stats. Here’s what you need to know about rerolling Masterwork weapons in Anthem, including an explanation of how to unlock Masterwork Blueprints by completing Challenges.

Anthem Masterwork Reroll | How to change Masterwork stats

Anthem Masterwork Reroll

Unfortunately, the only way to reroll the stats of a weapon that you’re not happy with, is to use it. Each Masterwork unlock has a Challenge that needs to be completed. This Challenge is the key to unlocking the ability to reroll stats on the weapon, as it grants a Masterwork Blueprint for that specific piece of equipment. So, you may hate the roll you got, but you’re going to have to embrace it, at least temporarily. Then you can chuck it away and attempt to get a better roll.

We’d highly recommend you keep any and all Masterwork weapons you acquire, until Vault space becomes an issue. Some weapons can become more useful when you swap Javelins, or attempt to play solo.

Anthem Masterwork Reroll | How to unlock Masterwork Blueprints

Anthem Masterwork Reroll

To unlock Masterwork Blueprints in Anthem, you’ll need to first earn a Masterwork loot drop. Once this occurs, you’ll then have to use the loot that drops and complete its Masterwork Challenge. Once that is done, you’ll be gifted the Masterwork Blueprint. Use this to create more of the same equipment, attempting to get the perfect roll.

Anthem Masterwork Reroll | How to view Masterwork Challenges

Anthem Masterwork Reroll

To view Masterwork Challenges, you’ll need to head into the Challenges menu, down to the piece of Equipment you want to look at, then choose the specific Class, and then look for the Challenge that rewards the Masterwork (orange) Blueprint.

You can track Masterwork Challenges to allow you to quickly see how much progress you’ve made.