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Anthem Javelin Rarity Level | How to increase your Power Level

You can raise your Javelin rarity level in Anthem, but the game doesn’t really explain what the point is. It’s likely you’ve watched that little power level number in the upper right-hand corner slowly tick up as you’ve played through the game, but never really figured out why. What’s the difference between a common, uncommon, rare, epic, masterwork, and legendary rarity Javelin anyway? Read on to find out how to raise your Javelin rarity in Anthem and what it means in the first place.

What does your Javelin rarity mean in Anthem?

Anthem Epic Javelin

A lot of people have compared Anthem to Destiny, and while there’s plenty of differences between the two, Javelin rarity is another area where they intersect. In Destiny, you get a number that indicates your overall power level, which helps you to easily keep track of the cumulative benefits all your equipped items bestow. The Javelin rarity stat serves much the same purpose.

The more powerful and higher level weapons and support items you equip, the higher your Javelin rarity will be in Anthem. Strangely, though, unlike Destiny, which often references your power level as a way to let you know if you’re ready for specific higher difficulty content, Anthem doesn’t. I don’t recall the game once referring to Javelin rarity, though I may have overlooked it.

What this means is that Javelin rarity in Anthem is basically just a way for you personally to get an indicator of where you stand. However, without any reference in-game it’s hard to know the benefits of having an epic or legendary Javelin over an uncommon or rare. Just view them as ranks. The higher your Javelin rarity and level, the more powerful you are.

How to increase Javelin Power Level in Anthem

Increasing your Javelin rarity in Anthem is as easy as equipping better items. The higher an item’s power level is, the higher your rarity will become.

There are four levels of Javelin rarity we’ve confirmed at this time:

  • Common
  • Uncommon
  • Rare
  • Epic

It’s presumed that there’s also a Legendary and possibly Masterwork Javelin rarity level as well, but they may not yet be attainable.

However, an item’s rarity doesn’t actually factor into your Javelin’s power stat. Only the level of the item adds to it. In essence, your Javelin’s rarity is merely the sum of the power levels of all your equipped parts.

Again, Anthem Javelin rarity is more of an FYI thing. It’s likely at some point it may be used to recommend content, but for now, it’s just a fun stat that shows how powerful you’ve grown.