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Anthem N7 Vinyl | How to unlock Mass Effect Skin

If you’re a big fan of BioWare games, you’ll likely be happy to hear about the Anthem Mass Effect skin featured within the game. Customizing your Javelin with the familiar red and white stripe allows you to show your support of one of the biggest sci-fi game franchises. Unfortunately, the ability to purchase and equip this graphic is a little hidden, with confusing menus acting to keep you from this glorious Vinyl. Happily, we’ve got the solution for you, with this how to unlock the Anthem N7 Vinyl guide. This applies to PC, PS4, and Xbox One versions of the game.

Anthem N7 Vinyl | How to unlock the Mass Effect skin

Anthem N7 Vinyl

To unlock the Anthem N7 Vinyl, you’re going to need to head into the Forge area. This is where you customize your Javelin’s equipment and cosmetics. Head to the cosmetic side and select “Vinyl.” Move over to the secondary menu and you’ll see a variety of skins that can be purchased for Coin. The N7 Graphic costs 36,000 Coins.

I personally earned 100,000 Coins during my main story playthrough, so if you fancy buying the Mass Effect skin, be prepared to lose a significant bit of currency.

The Anthem Mass Effect skin is of the Epic variety, not that it really means anything when it comes to cosmetic unlocks, but the purple icon may at least make you feel somewhat special.

There isn’t yet any news on potential discounts for Vinyls, and it’s most likely going to stay at 36,000 Coins to keep things fair for all players. With that said, N7 Day is a thing, and so perhaps we could expect to see some discounts or new Mass Effect skins coming to the game on November 7, 2019. Of course, there isn’t yet any news on that just yet. For now, there’s the Anthem Mass Effect skin for 36,000 Coins. Take it or leave it!