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Overwatch Hero 30 Release Date | PTR, abilities, class, and everything we know

The full Overwatch hero 30 reveal is right around the corner as Blizzard has begun teasing the mysterious being. As the rumors suggested, his name is Baptiste. This, along with the hints from the trailer, appear to confirm what the first teaser, well, teased. Although Blizzard didn’t reveal everything. But given Blizzard’s track record, we also may be able to see when the Overwatch hero 30 Baptiste release date is.

Overwatch Hero 30 | Who is hero 30?

Blizzard released a tweet and article talking about this mystery hero. His name is Baptiste, making him the same Baptiste from the hacked message.

Augustin is the hero here and an ex-Talon operative on the run in Haiti. The letter says that a strike team under “Cuerva” had a mission to retrieve (or kill) Augustin because “no one leaves Talon.” However, this entry was found multiple months after it was written, which doesn’t bode well for Cuerva’s team. Further down in that same letter, the character says they have “never known a medic to be such a good shot.”

Judging by the trailer, previous hints, and the newly updated hero page, Jean-Baptiste Augustin is a healer. He is from Haiti.

This was further hinted in the teaser as a redditor even noticed that when you decipher the Hex code in the video, it translates to “Baptiste.”

Overwatch Hero 30 | Release date

Similar to the time period that Brigitte was released, Baptiste is now currently on the PTR as of February 26, 2019. The Baptiste release date is March 19, 2019. This is in line with the other spring heroes from the past.

Orisa and Brigitte were both the spring heroes in 2017 and 2018, respectively. Orisa was hinted at on February 21, 2017, formally announced on March 2, appeared on the PTR that same day, and then released on the live servers on March 21. Brigitte was first teased on February 22, 2018, revealed and place on the PTR on February 28, and put on the live servers on March 20.

Overwatch Hero 30 | Abilities

Baptiste’s abilities have finally been revealed. He is a support healer (with 200 health points) and has Biotic Launcher as a main weapon. It is a mid-range small machine gun that fires a three-shot burst and can even shoot healing grenades that heal your teammates if they fall within the splash zone. However, he cannot heal himself with his own biotic grenades. It has a 45-round clip for the three-round burst bullets and 10-round healing grenade clip.

The Regenerative Burst move lets him heal himself and his nearby allies in a quick, powerful burst. It looks to be similar to Lúcio’s healing aura but smaller in size. It also appears to heal around 150 health points to everyone inside its radius.

There is also the Immortality field, which deploys a small generator that prevents allies from dying within its cylindrical radius. It can be destroyed by the enemy team and disappears after a few seconds. Allies in circle will have their minimum possible health sectioned off.

His Exo Boots give him mobility that will help him escape danger and reach higher places. By crouching and then pressing the jump button, he can activate a sort of spring-loaded hop that lets him reach higher places. The longer you hold the crouch, the higher the jump is.

And finally his ultimate, titled Amplification Matrix, creates a sort of shield that doubles the friendly abilities and projectiles that pass through it. It does not block enemy projectiles though so it is not intended to be some sort of shield.

Overwatch Hero 30 | Backstory

Baptiste’s homeland (Haiti) was ravaged by the Omnic Crisis, which forced him into some bad place after he was orphaned. He then joined the Caribbean Coalition where he became a combat medic. As the Omnic Crisis “folded,” he joined Talon, the antagonist forces in the Overwatch lore, out of desperation. He didn’t know of Talon’s misdeeds, which gave him a change of heart and he saw the error of his ways. He has now left the organization and has pledged to make the world a better place “one bandage or bullet at a time.”