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Anthem Romance Options | Can you have sex in Anthem?

BioWare, the studio behind Anthem, has a long history with romance & sex in their games. Whether you’re romping around the open-worlds of Dragon Age or soaring through space in Mass Effect, BioWare certainly has a distinct reputation from other developers, allowing players to unlock scenes of a sexual nature with certain leading characters. The search for Anthem Romance options is already underway, with GameRevolution’s crack team of gaming romance experts combing through the world; read on to find out can you have sex in Anthem?

Anthem Romance Options | Can you have sex in Anthem?

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We’ve spent many hours searching through Anthem’s hub, interacting with the NPCs, and searching for any sign of romance within the game. The short answer is no; there don’t seem to be any Anthem romance options with the characters we’ve spoken to, cutting short your dreams of enticing The Monitor to bed. Likewise, it doesn’t seem like you can have sex in Anthem yet. With an impressive array of voice actors, including Brooklyn Nine-Nine‘s Jo Lo Truglio, players may be saddened to hear this revelation, but this doesn’t mean that Anthem won’t have romance options in the future.

With Anthem’s free DLC expected to launch in the future, player demand for romance options could entice BioWare to implement this mechanic, but nothing is set in stone. In the meantime, BioWare has still emboldened their NPCs with plenty of lifelike narratives to explore, so there’s still reason to engage with the characters you meet in the world. It’s likely that the expected Dragon Age 4 will still feature romance options, considering the series’ reputation with scenes of a sexual nature, and the wealth of appreciation from fans for the various romantic paths. If you were hoping to see some Javelin-on-Javelin action in Anthem, you’re likely not the only one still searching for hidden secrets.