PAX West 2018: Anthem Story DLC is all Free

It has been announced at PAX West 2018 that all post-game story DLC for EA’s Anthem will be available to download for free. Indeed, releasing on Xbox One, PS4 and PC February 22 2019. The massive, open-world co-op shooter RPG will feature plenty of story content on day one, but more has been promised. During its PAX West 2018 panel, BioWare confirmed that Anthem DLC is on its way. Not only that, but all of its story DLC will be free.

For the unaware, Anthem is an upcoming multiplayer shooter open-world RPG from EA and BioWare. Players will create a character and take to Fort Tarsis and take on missions as a Freelancer, exploring the wilderness surrounding the safe haven of the fort. It all sounds like Destiny meets Mass Effect to us. Thankfully, Anthem isn’t just a multiplayer game. It will feature plenty of singleplayer missions and RPG gameplay to tackle. Not only this, but EA has confirmed that Anthem DLC is on the way. All of the story content for free, according to GameRant. Not only did BioWare and EA confirm this tidbit of information, but a new trailer was also showcased, which you can watch below:

We’re getting closer and closer to Anthem’s release date. While we now know more about the game’s story and how missions will work (as seen in the trailer above), there is still a lot we don’t know about the ambitious project. Exactly how will the micro-transactions work? What is really going on in its large world? Will we be able to take part in relationships a la Mass Effect? Hopefully, we’ll learn more about the world, gameplay and the like soon, as we edge closer towards its release date.

Anthem is due to release on Xbox One, PS4 and PC on February 22 2019. Keep up to date with everything Anthem right here on GameRevolution.