Battlefield 2042 crossplay confirmed, but the Technical Playtest has been delayed

EA DICE and Ripple Effect have confirmed that Battlefield 2042 crossplay will be coming to the eagerly-awaited online shooter, although it will work in a different way to most crossplay games, due to it being cross-generational. The way Battlefield 2042 cross-progression will work is that it will be isolated within generations. The bad news is that the Battlefield 2042 technical beta, which may test the crossplay function, has been delayed.

How does Battlefield 2042 crossplay work?

Battlefield 2042 crossplay

According to EA Answers, the way Battlefield 2042’s crossplay will work is that players on each generation of systems will be able to play together, with PC counted towards current-gen systems.

  • PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC players can play together, with PC and console users being able to opt-out from crossplay if they wish.
  • Xbox One and PS4 consoles can play together, and no mention is made of being able to opt-out so crossplay may be on all the time.

Furthermore, EA/Ripple Effect is looking to test the crossplay functionality with the game’s first invite-only Technical Test, although that has now been announced as being delayed to “late Summer.” This is not the same as the open beta, which presumably will also be delayed, although that didn’t have an official start date anyway. The Technical Test will only offer invites to “a few thousand” players to “test some of our new features and functionality” of Battlefield 2042. Expect to hear more about this in the coming weeks, including a proper date for the test and the open beta, most likely at EA Play Live 2021 next week on July 22.

As for Battlefield 2042, hopefully it will be on Xbox Game Pass in addition to EA Play Pro, and it will be getting a big showing at EA’s conference, including a reveal of the game’s big new game mode which could possibly be battle royaleDon’t expect BioWare to be at EA Play, however.