Will BioWare be at E3 2021?

With all the different conferences and events scheduled, players might wonder if BioWare will be at E3 2021. Most of the big players are attending this year, even though the event is all digital, so why not BioWare? The answer to that question is pretty obvious to most. Still, in the tangled web of the gaming industry, it’s not hard to forget what publisher owns which studio.

Will BioWare attend E3 2021?

Mass Effect 4 Bioware

BioWare won’t be at E3 2021. The studio hasn’t had any showings at E3 since Mass Effect Andromeda was revealed at E3 2015. BioWare is owned by EA, which means it’ll be at EA Play Live 2021, which will be held on July 22, 2021.

As to what BioWare will show at EA Play Live, we’re not too sure. Work on Anthem Next has completed ceased, so we won’t see that for sure. That means the only two titles (that we know of) BioWare is working on are Dragon Age 4 and Mass Effect 4 (or whatever it’ll be called).

Of the two games we know are at production at the studio, Dragon Age 4 is the one most likely to be shown in any amount of detail. It was first announced in December 2018, which means if development hasn’t been tumultuous, the studio should have something solid to show.

There’s less of a chance that the devs will show more of the upcoming Mass Effect title. The trailer from December 2020 was rather thin, and it’s unlikely that it’s been in development for too long. We’ll probably see more from it as Dragon Age 4 nears completion, but I wouldn’t count on hearing about it again until at least 2022.

BioWare has lost many key people in recent years, but the release of Mass Effect Legendary Edition has rekindled fan support for the studio. It’s possible we might see a resurgence for the studio soon as it shrugs off the failures of Mass Effect Andromeda and Anthem.