Will there be a Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster Switch release date?

One of the surprise announcements at Square Enix’s E3 2021 conference was Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster. This collection seems to be remaking the first six games in the franchise (yet again) to graphical match their original versions while providing support for higher resolution screens. So far, the only platforms announced for release are Steam and mobile. Still, fans are wondering if Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster will get a Switch version.

Will Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster come to Switch?

So far, there’s no planned release date for Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster on Switch. That doesn’t mean that the series won’t come to Nintendo’s console, but it will likely launch on Steam and mobile first.

Square Enix didn’t give a deep dive into the games, so we’re not sure just how different they’ll be from previous versions. It does appear that the artwork is new, so these aren’t just ports. Instead, they look like they’re a way to bring the iconic graphical style to modern platforms without sacrificing resolution. Since Square Enix hasn’t given any release window for Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster, there’s no way to estimate when it may make its way to Switch or other platforms.

We’re cautiously optimistic about this batch of remasters since previous ones have been rather terrible. The updated artwork on several of them was overly polished, and the character sprites were ugly. Hopefully, these remasters will go back to basics and become the definitive editions of each title. The new pixel art looks very similar to the originals while giving the characters, locations, and monsters more detail and definition. Fortunately, the series adapts to mobile controls rather well, so playing it on PC, mobile, or potentially console should be equally pleasant.

Again, there’s been no release date revealed for Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster. Hopefully, we’ll hear more about the games in the coming months.