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Anthem Health bar bug | Why do I have less health than normal?

An Anthem health bar bug is the latest in a long line of problems that BioWare and players are having to deal with. People who have downloaded the day one patch are finding that they have less health than normal due to an unforeseen error. Find out what the Anthem health bar bug fix is with our help.

Anthem health bar bug

Anthem Health bar bug glitch error

Players have been left frustrated that their health meters are displaying less bars than they had in previous play sessions. People who have upgraded their health bars usually have between five and eight bars of health. Since logging into the game after downloading the day one patch, however, the number of health bars have been reduced to three for many players.

Even if players swap out different pieces of their Javelin in the hope that they’ll boost their health meter back up, there’s no trick to overcoming this glitch. Threads such as this one on the EA community forums are full of aggravated players who are less-than-pleased that there’s been no official confirmation of this error from BioWare’s team.

Anthem health bar bug fix

Anthem Health bar bug fix

If you’re after a solution that works to fix this, you’re out of luck. There isn’t one yet, but there’s hope that a patch will be incoming very soon. EA community manager EA_Alexander responded to annoyed gamers in the above thread to state that the team was aware of the Anthem health bar bug.

That was followed up with an “unfortunately no details at this point” comment, which means that a fix hasn’t been found. Your best bet is to hang tight, and post about the issue in the thread above to keep it at the top of the forums. That will help the team see that more players are being affected, and help bring a swift resolution to it.