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Anthem Javelin customization bug | Why can’t I personalize my suit?

An Anthem Javelin customization bug is stopping players from being able to alter their suit, with colors not saving and some even getting an “Unknown Error.” Given that personalizing your Javelin suit allows you to make yours unique, this is a big bugbear for those playing BioWare’s latest title. Find out what the Anthem Javelin customization bug fix is with our guide.

Anthem Javelin customization bug

Anthem Javelin customisation bug error personalise

Depending on how you look at it, you’re lucky that others have also come across the Anthem Javelin customization bug.

Players have taken to the EA community forums to seek out an answer to this problem. Those posting in the linked thread explain that, no matter how much they personalise their Javelin exosuit and save it, re-entering the customization tab reverts their Javelin to its default makeup. No color, no fancy parts, nothing.

It’s happening with swapping out armor pieces, paint jobs, crafting new pieces for your suit, and every other conceivable customization option. It’s not an issue for one platform either, as PS4 and PC players have stated it’s happened to them.

Anthem Javelin customisation bug fix

Anthem Javelin customisation bug fix

If you came here searching for an Anthem Javelin customization bug fix, we have bad news for you. There isn’t one. At least not yet. That doesn’t mean that there won’t be one ever though. You just need to make BioWare’s development team aware of the problem.

For starters, you can sign up to the forums and post a reply in the above thread. Keeping it at the top of the bugs report forum will mean that the community managers and forum admin will see above all others.

Secondly, you can try and contact lead producers such as Mike Gamble and Ben Irving on Twitter. They’ve been helpful in getting bugs fixed as soon as they’re made aware of them, so try sending them a polite tweet about it. Don’t expect to receive an answer straight away, as they’ll be busy on launch day. Hopefully a patch will bring a fix for this soon, though.