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Anthem Javelin Not Unlocking | Why can’t I get my first suit?

Your Anthem Javelin not unlocking? As it turns out, you’re not the only one. Some are finding that they can’t unlock the first suit at level 2, rendering the game practically unplayable. That’s despite Fort Tarsis being A-OK and ready to peruse. It’s a really strange bug and, if you can’t choose an exosuit in Anthem, you might feel like packing it all in already, especially as you’re only tasked with an “Explore the Forge” objective and nothing else. Thankfully, there’s an Anthem Javelin not unlocking bug fix for you to try out. It’s EA-approved, too.

Why is my Anthem Javelin not unlocking?

It’s difficult to pinpoint exactly why your Anthem Javelin is not unlocking at level 2 (we’ve yet to see problems at later levels, but do comment below if that’s the case), but it appears to be a case of teething problems upon launch. Thousands of players are all playing at once and, inevitably, that can mean some strain behind-the-scenes.

However, it’s clear to know if your Anthem Javelin is not unlocking as it should. If you complete the prologue/tutorial and reach level 2, your next port of call should be Fort Tarsis, but you’ll just be told by the game to “Explore the Forge” with no option to unlock your exosuit.

Is there an Anthem Javelin not unlocking fix?

Praise be to the EA gods! There’s a workaround you can at least try to use, though it requires having someone on your friend list who has already passed level 2.

According to EA Help on Twitter, get one of your buddies to invite you to a mission. From there, you’ll be given a Javelin by default and, after the mission has concluded, you should (that’s the operative word here, but it’s better than nothing) now be able to unlock an Anthem Javelin at level 2 in Fort Tarsis.