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Anthem Lore | How to Learn about the Game World

Anthem is out now on Xbox One, PS4, and PC. Its large alien world is ripe for lore, explanation, and quality story content. The trouble is, whatever Anthem lore there is, it’s hidden away from our prying eyes. If you’re after more Anthem world-building and lore, this guide is for you. Read on to discover how to learn about the Anthem game world and lore.

How to learn about and read Anthem Lore

anthem lore

Anthem doesn’t exactly provide easy-to-see and digest lore, but it is there in the game. It’s just up to you to know exactly where to look for it. The game’s world, characters, and details are ripe for further explanation and detailed lore. Thankfully, you can find lore descriptions in the game.

Unfortunately, the bulk of Anthem lore is hidden to some extent. There are only three ways in which you can see Anthem lore while playing the game. The main way is to head into the Library tab of the game’s main in-game menu. To do this, simply pause the game and scroll through the tabs until you find the Library. Once there, you should see a list of available lore write-ups. This covers everything including Society, Environment, Geography, Histories, Technology, Your Stories, and Miscellaneous pieces of lore. The game even tells you if you have unseen pieces of lore to read through.

Aside from actively looking for Anthem lore in the game’s menus, however, it is relatively hard to come across. Small pop-ups will appear in the game world above certain items and NPCs will tell you bits and pieces about the world and characters of Anthem. Unlike in other games, the (many) loading screens don’t offer any sort of lore. It would be appreciated if BioWare patch it in so loading screens tell you a little bit about the game’s detailed world.