Box art - Apex Legends

Apex Legends Cooper | Will the Titanfall 2 hero be a new Legend?

Apex Legends is the hot new battle royale game from the creators of the Titanfall series, so fans are both naturally eager to see what new characters will be joining the game in the coming Seasons, and certain that the heroes of Titanfall will make their way over sooner or later. In fact that’s exactly the rumor that’s going around right now, which suggests that Titanfall 2 protagonist Jack Cooper will be added as a Legend. But does the Apex Legends Cooper rumor have any grounds in reality, or is it just a pipe dream?

Is Apex Legends Cooper a new Legend coming to the game?

Since Apex Legends is made by the same team behind the Titanfall games, not to mention the fact that it’s supposedly also set in the Titanfall universe, it would not be a surprise if developer Respawn Entertainment brought some characters from Titanfall to Apex Legends. Jack Cooper, in particular, would be a good fit, as he has several abilities already such as phase shifting (similar to Wraith) as established by Titanfall: Assault.

Unfortunately, this particular rumor has no truth to it whatsoever. Cooper’s not even on the datamined list of ten new characters possibly coming to Apex Legends in the next few Seasons, and that’s a far stronger source than this rumor has.

Why is there a rumor saying he will?

This rumor is entirely based around a pretty cool piece of fan art by Reddit user mnkymnk, which you can see above. It imagines Cooper in the game as the ninth Legend, along with three possible abilities for him based on Titanfall. It got shared around a lot, and a few YouTubers made suspicious videos about it, so the message soon got confused and a lot of people mistook this fan art for the real deal. Just to confirm again: Cooper is not coming to Apex Legends. Well, not yet anyway. We could certainly see it happening, however…