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Far Cry New Dawn Hurk | How to unlock Hurk Drubman Jr

Far Cry New Dawn is the post-apocalyptic sequel to Far Cry 5, and just like in the last game you can recruit multiple AI allies to accompany you throughout as you fight the evil Highwaymen. One of these “Guns for Hire” is a familiar face: Hurk Drubman Jr, a recurring character in the Far Cry series, for better or for worse. But how do you get Far Cry New Dawn Hurk on your side? Where have you seen him before? Where can you find him? How do you complete his mission? And why is he worth befriending, despite the smell? We’ve got the answers, and the deodorant.

Who is Hurk in Far Cry New Dawn?

There are eight Guns for Hire AI allies you can recruit in Far Cry New Dawn, and you can see all of them in the Roster page on your character menu right from the beginning. However, you’ll have to find them in the world and complete their quest in order for you to be able to call them in to help you. These allies have specific strengths that can prove a boon in Hope County, but you can only have one AI partner with you at a time. Whereas other allies favor stealth or subtlety, Hurk is all about shooting rockets first, asking questions later.

Hurk Drubman Jr has become the unofficial mascot of the Far Cry series, despite usually being a pain in the ass. He first appeared in Far Cry 3, where he was a mission giver, and returned as the playable co-op partner in Far Cry 4. In Far Cry 5 he was a recruitable ally, much like how he is in New Dawn, and in DLC Lost on Mars he had his brain put in a robot body and almost caused an alien invasion of Earth. Furthermore, a very familiar ancestor of his called Urki threw himself off a cliff in Far Cry Primal, inadvertently doing mankind’s first Leap of Faith.

Where is Hurk Drubman Jr in Far Cry New Dawn?

Hurk is located on the easternmost point of the Far Cry New Dawn map just in front of (sigh) Shitlord’s Tunnel, which is just south-east of the Trailer Town enemy outpost. You might want to liberate this first, as it’ll be a good Fast Travel point. Once you approach the tunnel from the road, you’ll immediately spot Hurk. He’s the one firing rockets at the tunnel and causing massive explosions. If that’s not clear enough, you could also talk to one of the information gatherers around the world (the men and women with a blue “!” above their heads), as they will eventually give you Hurk’s location, which will get added to the map as an icon.

How to unlock Far Cry New Dawn Hurk and beat Days of Blunder quest

After talking to Hurk, if you don’t want to leave immediately, you can take the “Days of Blunder” quest and follow him to the back of Shitlord’s Tunnel to find his tricked-out car. The quest is level 4 difficulty, which is the hardest for any single ally, but honestly, it’s not that bad if you do it right. Join Hurk in the car, and he’ll admit he didn’t disarm the booby trap. You’ll have to drive fast and keep the car’s Speed up, because if its Speed drops, it’ll explode. It’s like in that movie, The Bus That Couldn’t Slow Down.

There are two problems that make this mission particularly difficult. The first is, of course, the Highwaymen throwing themselves at you. You’ll have to use the cars built-in machine-guns to stop them, which only fire directly in front of you, unfortunately. Try to hit the explosive barrels first, then the vehicles. Anyone else you can just avoid if you wish. Shielded enemies in particular should be shot or avoided, as their shields can stop you dead. Don’t worry about helicopters, Hurk will deal with them.

The other difficulty is the track itself. Occasionally you’ll have to drive through a narrow tunnel, and sometimes you’ll just stop dead as you hit a pixel or something. Don’t panic though, just reverse and try and sort yourself, then carry on. The booby trap is very generous. We must’ve crashed into everything in the tunnel, even Austin Powers-parking it at one point, and we still got out and completed the mission first try.

Keep going, and eventually the car will start to really slow down, which is part of the quest. Hurk will suggest you abandon it. Stop, get out, and run away from the car before it explodes. Talk to Hurk again and he’ll join your roster. You’ll also get the Gifthorse vehicle in your garage too, which you can call out at any time… Hurk not included.

Why would you want to unlock Hurk?

If you’ve met Hurk, you probably understand the question. We personally left him until last. Regardless of general annoyingness and (probably) smell, Hurk is useful to have for two reasons. Firstly, by default he comes with a buggy vehicle, so just call him up and you’ll immediately get it, even if you send him away afterwards. He also has a rocket launcher as his main weapon, so if you’re planning an all-out assault, he’s the best character to take along. Getting 15 kills unlocks his “Fast Hands” ability, which means he can reload faster, and 40 kills unlocks “Heat Seeker,” which allows his rockets to track vehicles. Useful… unfortunately.