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Anthem Stronghold Quickplay | How to quick play and reinforce Stronghold

If you were playing the game since early release, with EA/Origin Access, then you’ll know that Anthem Stronghold Quickplay was one of the best ways of almost guaranteeing a good loot drop. Being able to join in-progress Stronghold matches that are already partially completed, was a great method of farming Masterwork and Legendary items. It made the Anthem endgame grind much more bearable, but now seems to be have been removed. So where is Stronghold Quickplay? Here’s the latest information on the mode and when you can expect to be able to reinforce Strongholds again.

Anthem Stronghold Quickplay | How to quick play and reinforce Stronghold

Anthem Stronghold Quickplay

Before the recent patch, which removed Anthem Stronghold Quickplay, players were able to search for in-progress matches to accelerate completion and the time it took for good loot and XP to be earned. Unfortunately, BioWare has now removed the mode, possibly due to the way that new players could accidentally matchmake into the game’s final mission, which would subject them to endgame spoilers. This would have been devastating to those players who value story and didn’t want the plot being totally ruined. It’s therefore understandable why the developers would want to remove that from the game.

Unfortunately for those who have already completed the game, and want to use the Quickplay Stronghold mechanic to farm Masterwork and Legendary loot more efficiently, it’s now impossible to do so. At the time of writing, it’s only possible to Quickplay into missions. Strongholds have to be started totally from the beginning, which is done by selecting them on the world map and then matchmaking.

Until BioWare reverts the changes and adds Quickplay Stronghold back into the game, it’s going to be impossible for players to reinforce in-progress Strongholds. This also means that if a player quits during a Stronghold, their place won’t be filled through matchmaking, making it tougher to reach completion.