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Metro Exodus Damir Bug Fix | How to fix the Caspian Sea bugs

There are several instances during Metro Exodus where bugs will stop you from progressing in the game. One of the main culprits is the Metro Exodus Damir Bug. To make matters worse, it appears as though there are a couple of bugs during the Metro Exodus Caspian Sea mission that will halt your progress, and they seem to be linked together. If you have reached this point in the game, you will be sure to want to know how to stop the bug from happening. No one likes a story blocking bug. Read on to discover what the Metro Exodus Caspian Sea bugs are, and if there is a Metro Exodus Damir bug fix.

Metro Exodus Damir Bug | What are the Caspian Sea bugs?

Metro Exodus Damir Bug

The bugs involving Damir during the Caspian Sea mission and area of Metro Exodus appears to affect players across platforms. No matter what platform you are playing Metro Exodus on, it appears as though the Damir bugs could happen to you. One bug is causing another here, and together they can halt your story progress.

In the Caspian Sea area of Metro Exodus, you will be tasked with joining Damir in a quest to steal water for the Aurora. You will meet Damir near a series of caves containing a ruined survivor village. After a relatively lengthy scripted event where Damir tells you of the times when people used to live in the caves and what happened, you will proceed down into the caves. In a grueling mission, you fight plenty of ghouls in the caves on the way to stealing the water from inside the Baron’s outpost.

Around the three-quarter mark of the mission, after starting in a high-up area of the caves, Damir is meant to join you down below in order to boost you up a high ledge, heading deeper into the caves. The trouble is, Damir is getting stuck on the original high-up location. He won’t be able to join you down below in order to help you reach the inaccessible area, meaning you can’t continue.

Unfortunately, there doesn’t appear to be a reason as to why Damir gets stuck on the higher levels of the cave system at this point. Thankfully, there do appear to be a small number of fixes for the bug.

Metro Exodus Damir Bug Fix | How to fix the Caspian Sea glitch?

Metro Exodus Damir Bug

As stated above, there doesn’t appear to be a particular reason why the Damir bug in the Caspian Sea area keeps rearing its ugly head. While it’s unlikely that it is happening randomly, that does appear to be the case. Because of this, a full fix via a patch may take some time to appear. However, as of writing, there are a few potential quick fixes you could try in order to rid yourself of the annoying bug and continue playing Metro Exodus.

It appears as though 4A Games and Deep Silver know about the bug. The official line from tech support is to simply restart the chapter via the main menu. It should fix the bug, supposedly. Unfortunately, while restarting the chapter might resolve the issue, it does mean you will have to play from the beginning of the chapter again. All of your progress up to that point (from the start of the chapter) will be lost.

Thankfully, there do appear to be a couple of other fixes that might work for you if you are encountering the Metro Exodus Damir bug. Please bear in mind that these aren’t official fixes, just ones that have worked for different players.

One such fix requires you to jump into a cave. According to the_real_chigga on Reddit, “when Damir stands on the ledge where he supposed to jump off, just jump into the cave (not where the bats scared him) and hopefully Damir will teleport in front of the cave and give you a lift where you want to go.”

There is one final fix that is less complicated to pull off. Thanks to YouTuber TheLightMaster, you simply need to head to the high ledge lower down as you should. Once there, try jumping around it for a few times and then look over to where you last saw Damir. He should then appear where he is meant to be and let you carry on as intended.

The Metro Exodus Caspian Sea Damir bug can be a pain to contend with. Hopefully 4A Games can provide us with a patch that destroys progress-halting bug soon. Until then, these fixes should help players circumvent the bug and continue on through the game.