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Crackdown 3 1.0.2 update patch notes

The Crackdown 3 1.0.2 update patch notes have gone live. There’s plenty of bug fixes, improvements, and stability upgrades for the Xbox One and PC versions of Microsoft’s action title. Find out more about the Crackdown 3 1.0.2 update patch notes by reading on below.

Crackdown 3 1.0.2 update | Co-op improvements

Crackdown 3 1.0.2 Update xbox one pc

The Crackdown 3 1.0.2 update brings a host of improvements to the game’s co-op game mode. Chief among these are an improved performance that allows two people to play together for longer without coming across any glitches or errors. There’s fixes to the game’s save files too, including the option to make a separate save and not overwrite previous files.

Another vital patch has been the removal of incorrect prompts over co-op session drops. Players had been experiencing these on-screen messages even if both players were still present in the game, but this has been eradicated.

The team is still hard at work trying to resolve the locked 30 fps issue, however, so you won’t be able to game together at 60 fps just yet.

Crackdown 3 1.0.2 update | Vehicle and mission tweaks

Crackdown 3 1.0.2 Update improvements

The Crackdown 3 1.0.2 update gives a more accurate representation of the blast radius for the Annihilator and Minotaur tanks. A fix for the air drop glitch during the Niemand fight has also been found, while Propaganda Towers’ rotating platforms have been prevented from hitching players back with every rotation.

Crackdown 3 1.0.2 update | Other fixes

Crackdown 3 1.0.2 Update fixes

The development team has also removed errors that caused vehicles to be catapulted away from the action after collisions, and supply drops not changing to a blue color in co-op. Audio and visual fixes have also been resolved, but the patch notes have declined to state which ones have been improved upon.

Finally, a fix has been brought in that stops gaming mice with high refresh rates from causing FPS problems while in the menu and occasionally during gameplay sessions.