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Metro Exodus PC update patch notes | What’s changed?

The Metro Exodus PC update patch notes have been revealed online. The update, which is listed as the update for those who bought it by the Epic Games store, brings a few hotfixes to the troubled FPS title. Find out what the Metro Exodus PC update helps to fix by reading our guide.

Metro Exodus PC update

Metro Exodus PC update patch notes fixes

Stability and performance

The Metro Exodus PC update provides a number of improvements to the game’s instability issues. Users had been complaining about lengthy load times, stuttering frame rates, and more since the game’s release. This patch seeks to resolve those problems, and provide players with cleaner playthrough sessions.

Coupled with that, there’s been an improvement to integrated video cards patched into the game too. A wide variety of issues, such as color issues relating to gamma settings, had made the game look graphically inferior to other titles in the market. These have been sorted out with this update.

Saving and general issues

Metro Exodus PC update epic games store

One of the biggest issues surrounding Metro Exodus was being able to save the game at various points. Bugs such as the Volga elevator quick save error, as well as a quick save bug, were causing huge frustration among the fanbase. The Metro Exodus PC update has fixed a number of these, so you should be okay to save whenever you need to now.

Finally, the patch improves general input responsiveness for those who had been experincing a lag in this area, and other general problems that had afflicted players. The patch notes fail to disclose which bugs have been fixed, but hopefully all of the major ones have been resolved.

The update should automatically download as soon as you load up Steam or the Epic Games store. Once it’s downloaded and installed, you’ll see the benefits of it once the game is loaded up.

Metro Exodus PC update patch notes

  • General Stability improvements
  • Improved performance for integrated video cards
  • General input responsiveness improvements
  • Fixed various issues with general saving system
  • Fixed other general issues