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Anthem PC screen resolution bug | Why does my resolution get reset?

Players are growing increasingly frustrated with an Anthem PC screen resolution bug. The issue keeps resetting people’s screen size to 1280×720, regardless of it being changed during each gaming session. Find out what the Anthem PC screen resolution bug fix is with our help.

Anthem PC screen resolution bug

Anthem PC screen resolution bug reset 1280x720

As we mentioned above, the Anthem PC screen resolution bug is resetting resolutions to 1280×720 every single time that some players load up the game. The problem is further compounded by gamers finding that no other settings are being changed either, so the fact that screen resolutions are is becoming both a mystery and an annoyance.

Threads such as this one, started on the EA community forums by SirBoothen, are full of PC players demanding that an answer be given by BioWare and EA. No matter what resolution they set the game to – 1920×1080, 2k, or 4k – it always reverts back to 1280×720.

Anthem PC screen resolution bug fix

Anthem PC screen resolution bug fix

At the moment, there isn’t an official fix for the Anthem PC screen resolution bug. BioWare and EA are yet to respond to any of the concerns in the above thread, which is unusual as their community managers are usually straight on the case for threads with lots of replies.

There is, however, one user of the EA forums who believes it is a visual bug, and you can check out if that’s the case yourself. They “checked the options in the configuration files in DOCUMENTS\BIOWARE\ANTHEM and found [the] resolution there is 1920×1080,” which is what it should be set at for that user. If the info there chimes with what you’re expecting from your resolution, then you can chalk this down to a visual bug and leave it at that.

The development team is hard at work on sorting out fixes for other issues, so this one could take a bit of time to get around to. Your best bet is to put your own reply in the thread above, so that it keeps getting bumped to the top of the forums. Someone will see it eventually, and a response and solution should be inbound sometime soon.

For now, you’ll have to soldier on with the screen resolution reset ahead of each gameplay session until BioWare or EA make an official statement on this issue.