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Fortnite Hybrid Skin | How to upgrade

With the dawning of Fortnite Season 8, plenty of new outfits have been added to the game. This includes the Fortnite Hybrid Skin. Anyone who either bought or earned themselves the Fortnite Season 8 Battle Pass will have received both the Hybrid skin and Blackheart outfit. Both skins, however, feature multiple designs that you can unlock. If you’re after a how to upgrade Fortnite Hybrid skin guide, read on to learn all you need to know about unlocking all ten of its different styles.

What is the Fortnite Hybrid Skin?

Fortnite Hybrid Skin

As stated above, the Fortnite Hybrid outfit is one that you unlock for owning the Season 8 Battle Pass. It is an outfit that you can upgrade, however. In total, there are ten different Hybrid skin styles to unlock. The standard one, meanwhile, is decent enough. You’ll dress as a red ninja, with dragon insignia placed on shoulder pads. It’s part of the Brood set. Those who wish to show that they really mean business in Fortnite will want to unlock the further nine styles of the Legendary Hybrid skin.

Fortnite Hybrid Skin | How to upgrade

Fortnite Hybrid Skin

You will unlock the Hybrid skin simply by owning the Season 8 Battle Pass, but unlocking its further nine styles might prove to be difficult. At least we’re here to let you know exactly what you’ll need to do in order to unlock them all. Essentially, though, the more XP you earn, the more dragon your character will become in Fortnite when equipped with the Hybrid skin. You can mix and match all the unlocked styles.

Six of the ten unlockable Hybrid skin stages have you slowly becoming more and more of a dragon until in stage seven when you are a full purple dragon complete with electric aura. This is done by earning experience points. This is done as follows:

  • Stage 2: 60,000 XP
  • Stage 3: 100,000 XP
  • Stage 4: 180,000 XP
  • Stage 5: 220,000 XP
  • Stage 6: 300,000 XP
  • Stage 7: 340,000 XP

Stages eight, nine, and ten offer color changes on the original Hybrid skin design. To unlock these three designs is as follows:

  • Stage 8 (blue): Complete 15 weekly challenges
  • Stage 9 (black): Complete 35 weekly challenges
  • Stage 10 (pink): Complete 60 weekly challenges

Be sure to grind out these unlocks and mix-and-match your favorite styles.

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