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Anthem Tyrant Mine Missing | Where has the Stronghold gone?

The Tyrant Mine is missing in Anthem. You’ve probably noticed it too. Any time one of the game’s three Strongholds is gone, alarm bells are sure to be ringing. But is there a reason why you can’t play Tyrant Mine and can’t find Tyrant Mine on the map by Academy Ruins? As of right now, that’s unclear, but there could be a Tyrant Mine fix, and we’ll also look at what has happened to the game’s missing Strongholds.

Why is Tyrant Mine missing in Anthem?

Tyrant Mine missing

It’s unclear, but it all (probably) stems from the deployment of the Anthem 1.04 update. Ever since then, users such as those on the EA Forums and Reddit. Weirdly, it doesn’t affect everyone, and may have something to do with those who have played the Tyrant Mine recently and have encountered a bug with empty areas, or no enemies spawning. After that, things seem to go haywire and you’re unable to find Tyrant Mine, let alone boot it up and attempt to play the Stronghold with a few friends.

Is there a missing Stronghold fix?

Tyrant Mine missing

If your Tyrant Mine still remains on the map (and you want it to keep it that way), the best course of action I would suggest would be to not play Tyrant Mine at all until EA/BioWare rolls out a hotfix or a fully-fledged update in the coming days or weeks.

However, Strongholds are a brilliant way to level up and, whisper it, the other two Strongholds in Anthem are a bit on the rubbish side. If you’re absolutely desperate to play the missing Tyrant Mine, then you’re going to need a bit of luck. Ask around and see if your friends still have Tyrant Mine on their map(s). If they do, great! Get them to invite you to their squad and complete Tyrant Mine that way.

That’s the only real missing Tyrant Mine/Stronghold fix at the moment. Otherwise, you’re just going to have to wait a while and cross your fingers that EA sees fit to bestow upon as a way to play it again without fail.