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Fortnite Fork Knife Elimination Bug | Is there a fix?

Ah, Fork Knife, that classic way of saying Fortnite for those trying to be funny. It turns out that Epic Games acknowledged the pun and you can now find it immortalized on the Fortnite map. The trouble is, for a little while, at least, players heading there have been finding there is a Fortnite Fork Knife elimination bug. So, if you’re dying near the Fork Knife location, read on to discover what the annoying bug does and if there is a fix.

What is the Fortnite Fork Knife Elimination bug?

Fortnite Fork Knife Elimination

Unfortunately, the Fortnite Fork Knife elimination bug does what it says on the tin. Players heading towards the Fork Knife location (nearby to Fatal Fields) are being eliminated. Specifically, the bug is killing players when they walk around the Fork Knife location. That field truly is fatal.

This is an especially annoying bug as it essentially renders a section of the map unusable. Players wishing to see the fabled Fork Knife, which seems as it can contain a chest, are being eliminated when they get near. We all know cutlery can be dangerous if in the wrong hands, but this really sticks the knife in.

Is there a Fortnite Fork Knife Elimination bug fix?

Fortnite Fork Knife Elimination

As of writing, if you walk around the Fork Knife location you will be eliminated thanks to the bug. Epic Games, however, is aware of the glitch. The Fortnite developer is working on a fix for the annoying issue as we speak. Unfortunately, as the 8.01 patch is now live, you’ll now likely have to wait for the 8.02 patch to go live before it’s safe to head back to the Fork Knife location.

Hopefully, the fix will come soon, as the bug right now is a little hard to swallow. Thankfully, Epic Games (as per the tweet linked above) is “releasing a fix for this shortly.” It shouldn’t be too long before we can head back to the Fork Knife. For now, avoid that location like the plague.

Image Credit: FortniteGame Twitter