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FIFA 19 Weekend League Rewards Missing | Where are my FUT packs?

It seems to happen every week. People grumble and complain about the Weekend League Rewards missing in FIFA 19‘s Ultimate Team mode, with a bunch of lost packs and coins (apparently) falling to the wayside. But, if you’re a FUT vet, you know. You know why the FIFA 19 Weekend League rewards are supposedly “missing” and, in fact, the truth is anything but. You’ll just have to wait later in the week to get your mitts on your hard-earned goodies.

Are my FIFA 19 Weekend League rewards missing?

In a word, no. The confusion over FIFA 19 Weekend League rewards going missing stems from nothing else but timing. You see, the Weekend League ends late on a Sunday but, turn on your game Monday morning, and the packs, Weekend League points, and everything else you’ve accrued is nowhere to be found. What gives?

Well, while the game doesn’t make it abundantly clear, all Weekend League rewards are now dished out on Thursdays at 12 AM Eastern/5 AM GMT to go in line with the time window in which Division Rivals rewards are handed out. Basically, it’s all handed out at once. It doesn’t make a lick of sense, but there it is.

Also, if you’re expecting Weekend League rewards and still don’t get them on a Thursday, you need to make sure you played at least five games over the weekend, with two wins under your belt. If you don’t have that, you aren’t eligible for prizes.

Where are my FUT 19 packs?

To claim them (once Thursday hits, of course), you’ll need to go to the “Online” tab in FIFA 19 Ultimate Team and head to the FUT Champions page. Once there, you’ll be able to see what rewards you’ve got. The packs will then be found in the “Store” tab, and you can open them there at your leisure.