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Anthem Featured Store Reset | New items refresh (March 8)

The Anthem Featured Store reset is an exciting time for keen players, as Coin and Shards can be spent on some new exclusive unlocks. With an inventory that now appears to rotate at 7 AM ET/4 AM PT every four days, a new selection of new emotes, graphics, fabrics, armor sets become available pretty frequently. Prices can be pretty high, which means Coins will want to be grinded hard and saved in time for the rotation. If you’ve got your eye on something special, then this article should help you find out whether or not the sought-after item is now in stock!

Anthem Featured Store Reset March 8

Anthem Featured Store Reset

The items making up the Anthem Featured Store reset for March 8 are:

  • Dreadnought Armor Pack (Epic) – 61,000 Coin or 850 Shards
  • Air Boxing emote (Epic) – 23,000 Coin or 475 Shards
  • Fabric: Cotton Zigzag (Rare) – 12,000 Coin or 300 Shards
  • Big Laugh emote (Rare) – 16,000 Coin or 375 Shards
  • Decal: Fiend’s Luck (Uncommon) – 6,000 Coin or 200 Shards
  • Decal: Vanguard (Uncommon) – 6,000 Coin or 200 Shards

These items will be available up until Tuesday, March 12. At that time, the Anthem Featured Store reset will occur once again, introducing six more items for players to spend their hard-earned Coin — or easily-bought Shards — on.

What with how tough it currently is to earn Coin, and when you consider how expensive the Anthem Featured Store items are, we’d recommend that you consider any potential purchases carefully. We managed to garner just over 100,000 Coin by playing through the campaign. Do ensure that you spend your Coin wisely!

At the time of writing, the Featured Store is one of the few ways of earning new personalization unlocks. In-game rewards don’t yet directly drop cosmetic unlocks, with chests and enemies only dropping gameplay-affecting items. Of course, this is good in the sense that players can’t buy power, but it does rather limit customization as opportunities to earn Coin during endgame are rather limited.