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The Division 2 Field Proficiency Cache | Should I wait to open it?

As you rise up through the rankings, you’ll quickly begin to earn The Division 2 Field Proficiency Cache drops. These bundles of goodies are your reward for reaching the next level, and contain a couple of useful items that will help you progress on to the next level. However, what if you were to save all of your Field Proficiency Caches until you are a later level, before opening them all at once? Say, for example, you opened your 30 FPCs at level 30. Would you get level 30 gear, or is it set to the level that you acquired the FPC? Here’s what you need to know about The Division 2 Field Proficiency Cache drops.

The Division 2 Field Proficiency Cache | Open now or wait?

The Division 2 Field Proficiency Cache

So, should you open The Division 2 Field Proficiency Caches as soon as you receive them, or should you wait until you are a higher level, before then opening them all at once, like on an early Christmas morning? Well, as you might have guessed — but it’s still good to be sure — the contents of FPCs remain at the level that they are awarded at. If you go from level 3 to level 4, then you’ll receive level 4 contents from that fresh, out-of-the-oven Field Proficiency Cache. If you wait until you’re level 30 to open that same FPC, then you’ll still receive level 4 items.

To ensure that you make optimal use of The Division 2 Field Proficiency Caches, you’ll want to make an effort to immediately open any new FPCs that you receive. Equip the items to get a boost in power, and then proceed on to the next level, where more Field Proficiency Caches await you!

If you accidentally forget about an FPC in your inventory, and level up way beyond it, don’t fret too much, as the contents can still be dismantled, sold, or donated. It won’t be a complete waste.