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The Division 2 Deconstruct Items | Should I deconstruct, sell, or donate items?

The Division 2 “Deconstruct Items” function can be incredibly handy when trying to quickly clear space in a player’s inventory. You are just a simple button hold away from deleting a bulky item from your backpack, creating room from for more high-level loot. In addition to that, you get some crafting materials, which allow you to create even better gear. It all sounds win-win, but are you ignoring donations, or the more traditional act of selling goods? Ask yourself: “Should I deconstruct, sell, or donate items?” and then read on for the answer!

Deconstructing items in The Divison 2

The Division 2 Deconstruct Items

Deconstructing items in The Division 2 is the quick and easy way of making room in your inventory, while also collecting some useful crafting items.

If you don’t need to save equipment for donations, and you don’t feel the need to sell for money, then deconstructing is the best step to cleaning out loot that isn’t worthy of being added to your Stash.

Should I deconstruct, sell, or donate items in The Division 2?

The Division 2 Deconstruct Items

Before you deconstruct items in The Division 2, be sure to first consider whether the items are better suited to being donated to the Projects. Many of your seemingly useless and low-level gear can be donated to the good causes, which in turn earns you XP and some interesting rewards.

Selling your unwanted loot can also help to grind currency, allowing you to save up to buy something significant and powerful.

Finally, before holding the “Deconstruct” button and sending your loot to burn in low-rarity hell, consider if it will be useful for a future occasion or potential Projects at other Settlements. Utilize your Stash to keep items that you don’t need in your actual player inventory. You can also expand both of these by buying some of the best Perks from the Quartermaster.

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