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The Division 2 Mods | What are Weapon, Skill, and Gear Mods

The Division 2 Mods system allows players to further customize their favorite weapons (with Weapon Mods), Skills (with Skill Mods), and gear (with Gear Mods). Some Mods feature drawbacks, making them a decision about pros versus cons, so players should think carefully about what Mods they pick and how they fit their build. Read on for everything you need to know about Mods in The Division 2, including how to unlock Weapon Mod Blueprints.

The Division 2 Mods | How to unlock Weapon Mods

The Division 2 Mods

Weapon Mods are made up of attachments, like a special magazine or muzzle, which act to enhance a gun’s base stats. However, in addition to giving a stat boost, Weapon Mods also introduce a negative attribute. Players will want to ensure that the positive effect is worth it.

To unlock Weapon Mods, players will want to focus on playing Side Missions and Projects. Before beginning these missions, hover over their icon to learn what rewards they give. See a Weapon Mod that you like? Then go ahead and complete that objective to earn the respective Weapon Mod Blueprint. Now you can craft them!

If you visit the Quartermaster, you’ll find some Weapon Mods listed as Perks. These are relatively cheap upgrades that can prove useful across a wide range of weapons.

Weapon Mods have unlimited uses and can be used across multiple guns at the same time. Once you’ve unlocked a Weapon Mod, you can apply it to all weapons, with no fear of having to unequip it and swap it around. It automatically shows up in the Mod list for all applicable weapons.

It’s important to consider different sets of Weapon Mods for different types of enemies. If a Weapon Mod has a disadvantage against Elites, you could find yourself being noticeably underpowered. Pay attention and carry different Weapon Mods for different situations.

The Division 2 Mods | How to unlock Skill Mods

The Division 2 Mods

Once you have worked out the best Skills, you can tweak them further with Skill Variants, and also Skill Mods. The latter can be found in regular loot drops, meaning the answer to “How to unlock Skill Mods?” is to simply kill everyone and loot everything!

Skill Mods follow the Worn > Standard > Specialized > Superior > High-End quality rules, with the bonus effects becoming more powerful as the rarity increases.

To be able to equip Skill Mods, you’ll need to have achieved a certain Skill Power. This is achieved by equipping more powerful loot. Expect to start taking advantage of Skill Mods at around level 12. At this level, you’ll start to see a lot of Skill Mods being rewarded.

A Skill Mod gives a boost to a specific Skill. So a Turret Mod can allow a Turret to deal some extra damage, while a Drone Mod may increase its range.

Like with Weapon Mods, you’ll want to not only have your “main” Skill Mods as a go-to, but also some backups for when usual tactics aren’t working. New factions can present new challenges, which you’ll often need to adapt to.

The Division 2 Mods | How to unlock Gear Mods

The Division 2 Mods

Gear Mods can be attached to gear to give enhancements, with no drawbacks. Therefore, you should always be aware of which Gear Mods you have equipped, so as to ensure your agent is pulling off optimal capable damage. If you’re struggling to defeat enemies, confirm that your gear is suitably modded.

It’s sometimes tricky to spot Gear Mods that are awarded as loot, as they drop like normal rewards, and follow the same quality rules. Keep an eye out for Gear Mods that you can equip right away.

While a single Weapon Mod can be used across multiple weapons, all at the same time, Gear Mods are unfortunately less generous. You can only equip one Gear Mod to one piece of gear. You must then unequip it if you wish to attach it to another piece of gear.

Since you have a lot less freedom with Gear Mods, be sure that the Gear/Gear Mod combo is the most optimal. It’s sometimes worth studying the stats and effects of less statistically impressive gear. Sometimes effects carry more value than outright damage prevention, so be sure to consider this when beginning to attach Gear Mods.