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The Division 2 Contaminated Items | How to Decontaminate Dark Zone loot

So you’ve gone wandering into the Dark Zone and come across some curious The Division 2 Contaminated Items, have you? As you might imagine, contaminated loot isn’t much good in its current state, which means you’ll now have to work out how to decontaminate Dark Zone loot. Fortunately for you, that is exactly what this guide explains. If you’ve spent too much time wondering what that yellow bag is below your backpack, or why you can’t exit through the Dark Zone checkpoint doors, then allow me to decontaminate your confusion!

What are The Division 2 Contaminated Items?

The Division 2 Contaminated Items

If you spot this yellow bag on your back and wonder where on earth it came from, well, you’ve managed to unintentionally secure some Dark Zone Contaminated Items. This can happen when you kill (or stumble over) a dead player, before proceeding to loot them. What was once theirs, is now yours.

The Division 2 Contaminated Items are generally more powerful than your typical non-contaminated variant, and requires additional effort to be able to unlock and use. Contaminated gear can’t be used until it has gone through the full extraction process, as detailed below.

How to decontaminate The Division 2 loot

The Division 2 Contaminated Items

How to decontaminate The Division 2 loot ultimately comes down to making your way towards an Extraction Area. Contaminated loot must be extracted via helicopter for it to be claimed by the player.

Do be wary as, once you start the extraction process, players will be alerted to your presence and may attempt to steal your loot. Defend the area until the chopper arrives.

It may be tempting to try and get Contaminated Items through the Dark Zone checkpoint doors. However, you’ll find that they are locked and inaccessible when you are in possession of Contaminated gear. That would be too easy! You’ll need to extract via helicopter.