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The Division 2 Unlock Beta Rewards | How to Redeem DC Patriot Skin

These The Division 2 unlock beta rewards instructions are exactly what you need in order to redeem your DC Patriot weapon skin, Capitol Hill arm patch, Supply Crate backpack trophy, and Capitol Hill backpack trophy. If you’re struggling to hunt down the area where you can claim your beta unlocks, then simply get your scroll on for our full guide.

How to unlock The Division 2 beta rewards

The Division 2 Unlock Beta Rewards

To unlock The Division 2 beta rewards, you’ll first need to gain access to your Stash. Complete the introductory missions and you’ll soon see a Stash box located near to the White House Quartermaster and Vendor.

Give it a click and you’ll notice that it is empty. The next step is to hit R1 on PS4, RB on Xbox One, or “E” on PC. This will change the menu over to the Mailbox, where you can pick up any deliveries or grants. It is here where you will find you The Division 2 beta rewards.

How to equip The Division 2 DC Patriot weapon skin

The Division 2 Unlock Beta Rewards

To equip your The Division 2 DC Patriot weapon skin, you’ll want to head into the Character menu, then select the weapon you wish to apply the camo to. Once you’ve made your selection, go ahead and hit the “Mod.” While this area is mostly used for equipping different Weapon Mods like magazines, muzzles, and sights, it is also used to apply weapon skins.

Apply the weapon skin to your weapon of choice and then you’ll be good to go. The DC Patriot weapon skin can be used as many times as you like, and can be applied to multiple weapons at once. If you fancy, you can have all three of your weapons rocking the DC Patriot, for some stylish synchronization.

The other The Division 2 beta rewards can also be found in the Character menu, under the relevant category. Get them equipped to show that you were helping out with testing the beta.