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The Division 2 No Honor Dark Zone Perk Required | How to unlock

The Division 2 “No Honor Dark Zone Perk Required” can be a put a bit of downer on an otherwise pretty exciting Thieves’ Den discovery. Not being able to open the backpack is disappointing, as leaving loot behind never feels good in this game. So how do you unlock The Division 2 No Honor Dark Zone Perk? Here’s what you need to know.

How to unlock The Division 2 No Honor Dark Zone Perk

The Division 2 No Honor Dark Zone Perk

To be able to open the backpack in the Thieves’ Den, you’ll first need to exit the Dark Zone and head back to the White House Base of Operations. Once you’ve arrived, head upstairs to speak with Senait Ezera, the Dark Zone Officer. She has a number of Dark Zone Perks that you can unlock, providing you have reached the required level. Scroll down to Tier 9 and you’ll see that the No Honor perk, which offers “daily rewards available in the Thieves’ Den,” can be selected once you hit level 40.

Reaching level 40 in the Dark Zone will take some time. Dedicate yourself to completing landmark missions and taking down any pesky Rogue Agents. Complete enough missions and win enough gunfights, all the while staying away from committing Rogue actions, and you should see your DZ level increasing. As you make your way through the Perk Tiers, ensure you return to Senait Ezera to choose new Perks to make your Dark Zone grind that bit easier.

Upon hitting level 40, go ahead and exit the Dark Zone one final time. Head to Ezera and select the No Honor Perk. Now you can head back to the Thieves’ Den and unlock the backpack that you’ve been grinding so hard for. Here’s hoping the reward was worth the time invested. Do remember that you can return each day for new loot, so long as you have the No Honor Perk equipped.