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The Division 2 Best Dark Zone Perks | Best Dark Zone build choices

Rounding up The Division 2 best Dark Zone Perks is no easy feat, because of just how versatile the system allows players to be. Based on a player’s motivation and what exactly they want to accomplish in the games Dark Zones, selecting the best Dark Zone Perks can a little tricky. And so we’ve broken down all of the Dark Zone Perks tiers and levels, showing you exactly what they do, before giving you our rankings and recommendations. This is our The Division 2 Dark Zone Perks guide.

How to Unlock The Division 2 Dark Zone Perks

The Division 2 Best Dark Zone Perks

To unlock The Division 2 Dark Zone Perks, you will to return to the White House Base of Operations after recruiting Senait Ezera, the Dark Zone Officer. Upon speaking to her in one of the upstairs offices, you’ll be able to view the Dark Zone Perks tree.

You’re able to scroll down and see which Perks will become available at different Dark Zone levels. (Note how the Dark Zone level is different to your regular level.)

Now that you know how to unlock The Division 2 Dark Zone Perks, let us advise you on which to choose.

All The Division 2 Dark Zone Perks | Best Dark Zone Perks Ranked

The Division 2 Best Dark Zone Perks

Tier 1 – Level 1

  • Bag Space – Grants 1 additional contaminated item inventory slot.

At level 1, you have just one Dark Zone Perk to choose from. Bag Space gives you another slot to fill with contaminated loot. This means you can bring back more loot from the Dark Zone. Good stuff!

Tier 2 – Level 5

  • Terminator – 25 percent increased Dark Zone XP for eliminating other players.
  • Sight Seeing – 25 percent increased Dark Zone XP from clearing landmarks.
  • Breakin’ the Law – 25 percent increased Dark Zone XP for surviving a rogue timer.

At level 5, you’ll be able to select one of the three Tier 2 perks. This should come down to your play style and how you are going to approach the Dark Zone. If you plan to focus on teaming up with fellow players to take down the AI-controlled landmarks, the Sight Seeing is for you. If you’re thinking about going rogue and embracing the PvP, the Terminator and Breakin’ the Law are your perks of choice. (We rank Terminator higher than Breakin’ the Law, as it fits our aggressive play styles, but it really comes down to the frequency of encounters and the downtime between them.)

Tier 3 – Level 10

  • Daily Winner – Daily reward(s) from the DZ Safe House.

Another no-brain is the level 10 Daily Winner Perk. Unlock it to start enjoying daily rewards at the Safe House.

Tier 4 – Level 15

  • Slight of Hand – 10 percent reduction in time to complete rogue actions.
  • Bounceback – Rogue cooldown reduced by 10 percent.

At level 15, we’d recommend you go with Bounceback. The additional 10 percent cooldown can really make a difference when you’re being hunted. Slight of Hand is useful, but won’t be used as often.

Tier 5 – Level 20

  • Keeper – 50 percent chance to automatically secure one dropped contaminated item on death.

Level 20 unlocks Keeper, a fantastic perk that removes part of the sting of finally being taken out in the Dark Zone. If you had contaminated items on your body, you now have a chance of automatically securing one.

Tier 6 – Level 25

  • Keymaster – 25 percent chance to acquire DZ keys from loot crates in a DZ.
  • Explosions! – 25 percent chance to acquire grenades from loot crates in a DZ.
  • Medic – 25 percent chance to acquire armor kits from loot crates in a DZ.

Another trio of choices, each over a 25 percent effect boost. For us, Explosions! is the weaker Perk here, as grenades just don’t compare to having another armor heal ready. Therefore, we’d go with Medic, unless you’re trying to farm Dark Zone loot crates, where the Keymaster Perk can come in extremely handy.

Tier 7 – Level 30

  • Vanish – Nameplate visibility to other agents is reduced while rogue.
  • X-Ray Eyes – Rogue nameplate detection range increased.

At level 30, you can choose whether you want to be harder to spot, or desire enemies to be easier to spot. We like Vanish, as it allows us to sneak around the Dark Zones that bit easier. However, if you’re on the hunt, X-Ray Eyes will help you track down enemies with less effort.

Tier 8 – Level 35

  • More Loot – Additional rewards for completing DZ alerts and clearing landmarks.

You get the More Loot Perk at level 35, causing additional rewards to be dropped from completing Dark Zone alerts and wiping out landmarks. This should help the grind feel more worth it!

Tier 9 – Level 40

  • Double Daily Winner – Additional daily rewards from the DZ Safe House.
  • No Honor – Daily rewards available in the Thieves’ Den.

You have two Perks to choose from at Level 40. The Double Daily Winner is probably the most useful Perk here, if you like to play by the rules more often than not. However, if you’re prone to going rogue, then No Honor will benefit you more.

Tier 10 – Level 45

  • Keep It Clean – 10 percent increased chance of contaminated item to drop.

Want a bigger chance of contaminated items dropping? Well, once you hit level 45, ensure you go to the Dark Zone Officer and activate the Keep It Clean Perk!

Tier 11 – Level 50

  • Get to the Chopper – 25 percent faster extraction arrive time.
  • Can’t Catch Me – 25 percent faster manhunt bounty clearing.
  • On Your Feet, Soldier – 25 percent faster revive of other SHD agents while SHD.
  • Dark Deeds – 25 percent increased Thieves’ Den Triangulation added from rogue actions.

Finally, at level 50, you have a whopping four Perks to choose from. Generally, we like to have Get to the Chopper selected for our Dark Zone adventures, as that 25 percent quicker extraction makes getting ambushed less likely. However, On Your Feet, Soldier is also useful, if you intended to help your fellow soldiers at landmarks.

If at point you change your mind about which Dark Zone Perks you want to select, you can just hit “Respec” at the Dark Zone Officer menu, where Perks are selected. This will allow you to rebuild the Dark Zone Perks tree to better suit your current play style choice. Have a play around with all of the options and soon you’ll find your favorite combinations.