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The Division 2 ALFA-02 Error Fix

The Division 2 ALFA-02 error fix is exactly what you need when faced with this annoying code. For some reason, you’ve been disconnected from The Division 2 servers, and are now being told that they “are not available at this time.” The message recommends that you “Please try again later.” This seems to specifically be a PC error, and so shouldn’t appear on the PS4 or Xbox One versions of the game. Is trying again later really the own way to solve this problem? Here’s what you need to know about The Division 2 ALFA-02 error fix.

How to fix The Division 2 ALFA-02 error

The Division 2 ALFA-02 Error Fix

Ubisoft has confirmed that The Division 2 ALFA-02 error is usually down to connectivity. Therefore, you’ll first want to ensure that everything is properly set up on your end.

First, you’ll want to try the obvious: restart the game and attempt to reconnect to The Division 2 servers. I, personally, have solved this problem in this way, so it really could be that simple.

Next, it’s time to power cycle your router, by turning it off and then back on. Again, this is simple stuff, but can help solve a wide range of network problems.

Finally, you’ll want to confirm that you don’t have any conflicting applications. Laptop users, in particular, will want to ensure that, if they are using the Killer Control Center, that the Advancd Stream Support setting is turned off.

If you’ve tried the above and you are still facing this problem, then it’s time to go through the following troubleshooting steps that are have been provided by Ubisoft:


This will allow your network hardware to re-establish a fresh connection to your ISP.


Make sure that no software running on your PC is affecting your ability to connect.

3. Enable UPnP

Some players reported that this step helped them to fix their connectivity issue. UPnP stands for Universal Plug and Play and is a feature that allows applications to automatically forward ports. It can be toggled on or off in your router settings. Due to the number of different router models on the market we are not able to tell you exactly how to do this on your home router. We suggest that you consult the router’s manual or contact your ISP if you are in doubt.


This will allow the communication from the game server to be channelled directly to the PC and vice versa.

These are the ports you need for The Division 2:

TCP: 13000, 27015, 51000, 55000, 55002

UDP: 22000-22032


Rule out that an outdated configuration blocks our connection.


Obtain an up to date IP address of the webservice you want to connect to.


Check for other factors that may limit your ability to connect.

If you need more information on how any of these steps are performed, head to the Ubisoft Support page here.