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The Division 2 Outskirts DLC | Episode one release date, Expeditions, and more

The Division 2 Outskirts DLC is almost upon us. The first post-launch content for Ubisoft Massive’s RPG will be arriving shortly thanks to its imminent release date. Episode One will see the introduction of Expeditions to the game, new exotics, and other improvements. If you want a complete rundown on what will be on offer in Title Update Five, we have got you covered. Have a read of our Division 2 Outskirts DLC guide for everything you need to know, agents.

The Division 2 Outskirts DLC | Release date

division 2 outskirts dlc release date

Let’s waste no time in telling you when The Division 2 Outskirts DLC release date is. For Year 1 Pass holders, you can get it on Tuesday, July 23. If you aren’t a Year 1 Pass member, however, you will have to wait an extra week until Tuesday, July 30.

According to the game’s official Twitter account, there will be server maintenance taking place at 12:30 AM PT, 3:30 AM ET, and 8:30 AM BST. This will take three hours to complete, and allow Ubisoft Massive to patch through this massive update for you.

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The Division 2 Outskirts DLC | Expeditions

division 2 outskirts dlc expeditions

The Division 2 Outskirts DLC will bring a new experience to the game called Expeditions. These add extra content and will pick up story threads from the main game and side quests. They also provide new lore to the world that you can’t find elsewhere and unique challenges, including boss encounters and environmental puzzles.

You’ll need to have finished the campaign and reached World Tier 1 to access Expeditions. A new mission will appear on your HUD once you do, and you can visit the helicopter pilot at your Base of Operations to unlock the first Expedition.

The first one to be introduced is the Kenly College Expedition. Contact has been lost between yourselves and a military convoy containing vital supplies for the survival of your group. You’ll be tasked with finding any survivors, taking out enemy factions, and recovering what items you can.

Expeditions are split into three “wings.” Each wing location has a specific tone and theme attached to it, and completing all three will lead you to a special treasure room full of rewards. Wings are released on a week-by-week basis but, don’t worry, you won’t miss out on completing a wing if you aren’t free during the week it’s available. Wings stay open even after the other two have been released, so you’re still free to explore locations and uncover all their secrets.

Once you start the first wing, you have to complete all three location investigations before you can move onto the next wing. If you start a new wing before you finish your current one, all of your progress will be reset.

Make sure you investigate every wing thoroughly so you can maximize your rewards at the end of the Expedition. You can also pick up loot from enemies, and Backpack Trophies are on offer for you to collect too.

The Division 2 Outskirts DLC | New Main Missions and Classified Assignments

The Division 2 Outskirts DLC

Away from Expeditions, there is other new content for you to explore. There are two main missions and two Classified Assignments to fill your boots with. Classified Assignments are exclusive to Year 1 Pass members, but everyone can access the main missions.

Camp White Oak Mission

Traiterous President Andrew Ellis needs to be brought to justice. Tackle the Presidential compound in the woods to capture him in a wellcoordinated attack.

National Zoo Mission

Outcasts leader Emeline Shaw has hidden away in the zoo to build her strength back up. Hunt her down and take her out to stop the Outcasts from rising back under their leader.

Classified Assignments

Year 1 Pass holders can take on the Washington Central Aquarium and NSA Site B13 quests to get themselves some exclusive rewards and content.

The Division 2 Outskirts DLC | New exotics and weapons

the division 2 outskirts dlc

Title Update Five brings two new pieces of exotic gear and two new weapons to The Division 2.

Diamondback Exotic Rifle

  • Leaver action rifle
  • Five-round magazine with 100 RPM
  • Agonizing Bite — Random enemy gets marked. Hitting said enemy “consumes” the mark and guarantees a critical hit with +20% damage. A new mark is picked afterward, or whenever you reload.

  • Deep Fangs — After you hit five marked enemies, you gain +50% reload speed, +20% total damage, and every shot you fire is a guaranteed critical hit for 10 seconds.

  • Shedding Skin — While you have the weapon drawn, every time you load a new round you gain +20% bonus armor for three seconds. While holstered, each time you reload or cycle your weapons you get +8% bonus armor for two seconds.

BTSU Exotic Gloves

  • Black Tusk Gloves
  • Elemental Gadgetry — Skills that apply status effects gain +50% status effect duration and +50% skill haste

  • Energy Infusion — When you apply a status effect, your gloves become infused with said status for 60 seconds. While infused, you get +10% skill damage, +10% skill healing, and +10% skill duration for each Utility on your gear

  • Charged Proxies — Whenever you throw a Skill, it creates an explosion 1.25 seconds after it lands. The explosion creates a status effect to all enemies within six meters. Affected enemies take 50% more damage from your skills.

Carbine 7 Assault Rifle

  • 30 round magazine with 790 RPM
  • Talent  Overflowing. Every three reloads from empty increases your mag capacity by 100%

Stoner LMG

  • 200 round magazine with 580 RPM
  • Talent  Overwhelm. Suppressing an enemy, that is not currently suppressed, grants +5% damage from weapons for 10 seconds. Max stack count is five.

The Division 2 Outskirts DLC | Operation Dark Hours Discovery Mode

the division 2 outskirts dlc

The Outskirts DLC update brings in a new difficulty mode for Operation Dark Hours. Not as difficult as other modes available, Discovery mode also comes with matchmaking so you can take on this raid with others if you play The Division 2 solo.

There are some notable changes if you play on this difficulty. Discover mode gives you Gear Score (GS) 500 rewards, but you can’t get the Eagle Bearer or Raid Exclusive Gear Sets. If you want these, you’ll have to try it on harder modes.

Title Update Five also brings in the “Raid Completion Time” element for Clan Leaderboards. This ranks clans by how quickly they complete the raid as a clan-only party.

The Division 2 Outskirts DLC | Improvements

Finally, we have a general overview of improvements. The first major thing to note is that you can now access a flashlight. This much-requested feature has been patched in, and you can find it as a mod attachment on your pistol. To get this mod, you might want to try the chainsaw fanatics of the Tank of the Underground faction.

You can now craft gear up to GS 500 and share your blueprints between the many characters you might have created. This means the crafting bunch can be upgraded, but you’ll need to be either World Tier 5 or have one gun and one piece of gear at GS 490 to build it.

You will notice that Cooldown Reduction has been renamed Skill Haste, and there are a number of Skill changes that have been patched through as well. You can find out more about these Skill buff changes when the update drops on Tuesday.

Last but not least, playing on heroic difficulty will now see bosses drop Exotic items as loot. There are rules, however, which means you will only get Exotics that you’re qualified for. If you’re on GS 450, don’t expect any loot to drop that’s above that level.