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The Division 2 No Sound on PC Bug | Is there a fix?

Rejoice! There’s now a fix for those suffering with no sound on PC in The Division 2. The bug, which meant users can’t hear anything through headsets, specifically Logitech headsets in The Division 2, plagued the early days of Massive’s latest loot shooter, but no more. There’s finally a no sound on PC fix for those looking to get the sound back in The Division 2. So, if you’re desperately searching for a way to overcome the lack of sound and noise in The Division 2, then look no further.

What is causing The Division 2 no sound on PC bug?

The Division 2 no sound

Launch day (and the period surrounding it) is bound to have its fair share of bugs, glitches, and other hiccups. That’s life, and par for the course when it comes to the abundance of live-service games flooding the industry. But that’s excuse for there to be no sound on PC in The Division 2 for some players.

Thankfully, some might have uncovered a reason as to why you’re getting no audio in-game. According to the Ubisoft forums, several users are having trouble with Logitech hardware, specifically the Logitech G933.

Is there a The Division 2 no sound on PC bug fix?

The Division 2 no sound

If you own a Logitech headset then there’s a no sound fix you can apply and, thankfully, it’s as easy as Alpha-Bravo-Charlie. Press Ctrl + Alt + Delete and bring up your Task Manager by clicking on that tile. From there, find the Logitech Surround Sound Service under Applications. Once you’ve done so, highlight it and click “End Task.” Reboot the game and you should have glorious sound pumping through your earholes.

Not using Logitech? Other users in that topic are also finding some joy with Alt-Tabbing your way out of the game and then back in. It’s a peculiar remedy but if it works for you then who’s to complain? It may also be worth disabling any overclocking software, such as MSI Afterburner, just in case.