Box art - The Division 2

The Division 2 Charades | What is the Charades exclusive item?

The Division 2 is out this week, and just like any loot shooter, the primary goal for most people will be to one-up their friends with exclusive weapons, gear, and other items. For those considering picking up some of the game’s premium currency, perhaps to spend on something nobody else has, you may have noticed something in the store called The Division 2 Charades exclusive item. But what is this special item, and how do you get hold of it, other than just spending money? We’ve got the information.

Where can I get The Division 2 Charades exclusive item?

The Charades Exclusive Item can only be found with the Welcome Pack, a special offer pack to get the game’s Premium currency at a decent rate. You can find special packs like these in any game with a Premium currency, as it’s a one-off sale to easily get you a load of The Division 2 funbucks (or Credits). In this case, however, the Welcome Pack doesn’t just contain 2000 The Division 2 Credits, as it’s also got this “Exclusive Item” with it too. So what is this “Charades” item?

What is The Division 2 Charades exclusive item?

You could probably put two-and-two together by selecting the Welcome Pack and pulling up the details and purchase confirmation screen, where the pack is described as containing 2,000 Credits and an Emote. While it doesn’t make it clear, this emote is indeed the Charades exclusive item. The language is certainly confusing, as we’d never otherwise describe an emote as an item, but that’s what it is.

If you buy the Welcome Pack you can then equip the Charades emote, and upon selecting it your Division 2 character will play a neat little game of Charades with no one in particular. While at the moment this particular emote is exclusive to the Welcome Pack, if the pack ever goes away the emote may make it into the main game. Either way, we’re sure you’ll survive without it.