Box art - The Division 2

The Division 2 | How to equip weapon skins

The process to equip weapon skins in The Division 2 works just a bit differently from the first game. Chances are if you’ve purchased the Gold or Ultimate Edition of the game that you’ve seen that you get at least one bonus weapon skin with your purchase. You can pick the bonus weapon skin up from the beginning of The Division 2, but when you go to put it on your gun, you’ll notice that the familiar Skin Mod slot is missing.

We’ll tell you which weapons can equip skins in The Division 2. We’ll also show you the exact process on how to fit weapon skins in-game.

How do you equip weapon skins in The Division 2?

The first thing you need to do to equip a weapon skin in The Division 2 is to get your hands on one. As stated above, if you bought one of the deluxe versions of the game you’ll get a skin as a bonus item. Otherwise, you’ll have to wait until you find one in a cache or purchase one with premium credits.

The Division 2 Weapon Mod Screen

Once you’ve got a weapon skin in your inventory, you’re good to go. These items aren’t expended each time you equip one, which means you can put one skin on multiple guns. However, only certain weapons can actually be fitted with a cosmetic.

If you try and throw a weapon skin on your starting gun, you’re in for a disappointment. Both common and uncommon firearms don’t have a Skin Mod slot. Instead, you’ll have to wait until you get a blue tier Specialized item or up.

The Division 2 Equip Skin Screen

Once you have a blue tier gun, you can equip a weapon skin. Just highlight the weapon in your inventory and press the button to open the gun’s mod screen. Then, scroll over until you see “Skin Slot.” This can usually be found near the stock of the weapon.

Select the slot and choose whatever skin you want to equip from the menu. Then, just hit select again and you’re good to go! Just keep in mind that only guns that are blue grade or above can be customized with skins.