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New Fortnite starter pack | How to unlock Laguna skin pack

new Fortnite starter pack has apparently leaked! This brand-new batch of cosmetics is sure to get at least a few players to drop a few bucks so they can grab some of the sweet new cosmetics that have been revealed in this pack, including the Laguna skin and what appears to be a ukelele-style Pineapple Strummer back bling. A game like Fortnite depends on a constant rotation of new cosmetics and it seems like the starter pack is next up on deck for a change of pace.

The current starter pack retails for $4.99 and nets you some cool cosmetics and a handful of V-Bucks. We don’t have details on a price for the new Fortnite starter pack just yet, but I think it’s safe to say that we’ll probably be paying the same price (or at least close to it).

New Fortnite starter pack | What are the items?

New Fortnite starter pack

What are the items players will be getting in the new Fortnite starter pack? In total, there are four things listed with a somewhat tropical theme:

Laguna Outfit

The Laguna Outfit blends an interesting mix of old and new together into one package. The top appears to be a red piece of flexible armor and players will get fingerless gloves to go with it. The pants have a subtle tropical them woven into them. The Laguna Outfit is capped off with tall tan boots and a red kneepad and shin guard on the left leg.

Pineapple Strummer Back Bling

If you have a penchant of music or you’ve watched Lilo & Stitch eight hundred times, the Pineapple Strummer Back Bling is the perfect item for you. This appears to be a four string ukelele that is somewhat stylized like a pineapple. It also has a flower and some leaves right at the base of the fretboard.

Pineapple Wrap

As with all wraps, the Pineapple Wrap will let you add a little custom flair to your weapons or vehicles.

500 V-Bucks

While the cosmetic items included in the new Fortnite starter pack are great, they may not be to everyone’s taste. Thankfully, you’ll also net 500 V-Bucks as part of the package so you can buy something else instead.

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