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Anthem Support Items Glitch | How to improve your damage by removing equipment

A Redditor has recently discovered a new Anthem glitch revolving around the support items, which is allowing players to increase melee, combo, and ultimate damage. Instead of rewarding players for having more powerful support items equipped on their javelin, this support items glitch rewards players who only have low level support items, by allowing them to still dish out massive damage.

This comes just one week after a different Redditor discovered that weapons were all doing the same amount of damage, despite having different levels. A Bioware team member informed players that “scaling systems are supposed to allow low level players to play with high level players to be effective against high level enemies,” adding on that “this is not intended, something ain’t right there…”

How to increase melee, ultimate, and combo damage with the support items glitch in Anthem


Just a week after Redditors discovered that weapons do the same amount of damage, Reddit user Gaidax discovered that if you unequip support items, you can increase the amount of damage that you will deal to enemies. Apparently, since the most recent patch, combo, melee, and ultimate damage is based on the average item level that you have equipped. However, if you don’t have anything equipped, or at least don’t have any low level items equipped, the damage calculation glitches, resulting in increased damage.

Essentially, if you don’t have high level specialized items to equip, it is better to not equip anything at all. Due to a glitch in the game, removing your different low level specials will result in more damage than having the low level items equipped. I am sure that Bioware has been notified of the issue, and will likely be putting out a patch soon. So, if you want to use this trick, you will need to act fast. The next patch date has not been announced yet, but it will likely be rolling out soon.