Box art - The Division 2

Division 2 Cross-Platform | Can you cross-play The Division 2 on PS4, Xbox One, PC?

Whether or not The Division 2 is cross-platform compatible is an important factor for fans who are trying to figure out which version to buy. If The Division 2 cross-play exists, then it doesn’t really matter. You just buy it on your platform of choice and don’t have to worry about how you’re going to play with your friends. Otherwise, you’ve got to coordinate whether you want to get it on console or PC, then you need to figure out which edition of the game to buy, and it’s a big headache.

Below we’ll detail what we know about The Division 2 cross-platform capabilities and whether or not cross-play is available for Ubisoft’s latest game.

The Division 2 Cross-play | Does the game support cross-platform?

Unfortunately, as of right now there are no plans to include cross-platform support for The Division 2. Each version of the game is locked to platform specific servers, so there is no PVE or PVP cross-play. Ubisoft hasn’t commented as to why it didn’t include cross-play in The Division 2, but I wouldn’t count on it happening anytime soon.

Cross-platform play is still a relatively new concept, and unfortunately The Division 2 is a title that was likely in development before it became an increasing consumer demand. We’re not privy to the technical details, but it’s likely that adding cross-play would require significant modifications to The Division 2‘s network code and infrastructure.

If we do see a Division game with cross-platform support, it will likely be on the next-generation of consoles. However, if players support the feature enough, who knows what will happen. Ubisoft does tend to support its titles over a longer period of time than most other AAA publishers, so by the time The Division 3 comes out, this game will likely look very different than it does at launch. For now, you’ll just have to stick with players on the same platform.