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The Division 2 Crafting | How to unlock, crafting materials, and more

The Division 2 crafting system is something that you’ll need to be familiar with ahead of the game’s release on March 15. In particular, you’ll have to know how to unlock crafting, and how to get yourself crafting materials and blueprints. Learn all about The Division 2 crafting with our help.

The Division 2 Crafting | How to unlock

The Division 2 Crafting

You might be thinking that The Division 2 crafting system is something that gradually unlocks as you progress through the story campaign. Thankfully, most crafting unlocks early in the game, so you won’t be waiting a while to be able to make your own items. There are elements that you will need to wait to do but, as long as you fly through the game, every available crafting option will be available as soon as possible.

Having the ability to craft enables you to modify your weapons, gear, and mods to help you in combat scenarios. You require crafting materials and a necessary blueprint to craft certain items though. Read on to find out more on what blueprints and crafting materials do, and how you can get them.

The Division 2 Crafting | Blueprints

The Division 2 Crafting

The Division 2 crafting system, as we mentioned, requires you to get blueprints and crafting materials before you can make stuff. Blueprints can be found via a variety of diffierent activities in the game’s world. They are obtained from vendors, who require you to buy them, as well as supply drops found within the world, defeating control points held by other factions and what’s known as projects.

Projects are optional timed or compulsory tasks that you can complete in certain locations to earn specific rewards. They are weekly in nature, so you’ll only have seven days to complete each one in order to get a special blueprint.

Finally, once you reach the Endgame phase of Ubisoft’s title, you will unlock more blueprints. These will allow you to craft specific brands, gear mods, exotic gear  when they’re patched in later this year  and random skill mods.

The Division 2 Crafting | Crafting materials

the division 2 crafting materials deconstruction

Crafting materials, meanwhile, can be found throughout Washington D.C. and its surrounding areas. The best way to gain enough to make new items, though, is by breaking down gear, modifications, and weapons that you can’t use, or don’t plan to use. Some materials can only be secured by breaking down weapon and gear modifications too. You’ll have to decide what things you want to keep, and what is worth deconstructing, in order to fashion new items that you will use.

Crafting also allows you to unlock higher level items before you can find them in the game. This is perfect as they’ll give you better stats, make you stronger, and enable to fight out enemy factions more efficiently. If you end up finding this higher tier loot later on in the game, you can always deconstruct it and get the raw materials to make other stuff. That’s a win in anyone’s book.

Crafting gives you the opportunity to switch up your playstyle too. You may have become accustomed to playing as, say, a sniper and only have skills that give you strength at long-range. Crafting items will allow you to tweak this playstyle every so slightly, and make you more formidable at mid-range, or with healing fellow agents, or any other combination. Try different things out, and see what works.

The Division 2 Crafting | Crafting bench

Once you have the necessary blueprint and required number of materials, you can make your new item. Simply head on over to a crafting bench to begin the process. These are located in your Base of Operations and at liberated settlements, so you’re safe to make stuff there.

There’s also an option to upgrade your crafting bench too. Crafting materials become capped at a certain level, so you will need to level up the bench, or benches, that you use, in order to upgrade your gear. You will know when your crafting bench can be upgraded as there will be an exclamation point next to it.

This shouldn’t happen until you hit level 24 in the game though. After that, you should have the option to level up your crafting bench. You can further upgrade it at level 30 too, and these will allow you craft better gear for the Endgame phase of Ubisoft’s title.

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