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The Division 2 Loot Tiers | Gear sets, exotics, and more

The Division 2 loot tiers provide you with varying levels of gear. You’ll need to know what each one is called, how rare gear sets are, and if The Division 2 exotic loot is in the game yet. See everything worth knowing about loot by reading our guide.

The Division 2 Loot Tiers | Loot rarity tiers

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There are six different Division 2 loot tiers in the game at launch. This sextet is known as worn, standard, specialized, superior, high-end, and gear sets. As you would expect, worn gear is the least valuable and doesn’t offer much in the way of bonuses and perks. The higher up the tiers you go, however, the rarer they are and more powerful the loot will be.

These loot tiers correspond to all types of loot, including the weapons you will use. Again, your firearms have these specific tiers attached to them, so you’ll know which are worth keeping, deconstructing for crafting materials, and which to chuck away.

The Division 2 Loot Tiers | Is there exotic gear?

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At the moment, no. Exotic gear won’t be available at launch, but will turn up in The Division 2 loot tiers list as a seventh option sometime after the game’s release.

Posting about the inclusion of exotic gear on the Ubisoft forums in September 2018, community manager UbiAmper revealed when we could expect them. They wrote that exotic gear will have their own special look and be clearly distinguishable from other items in the game.

Each exotic weapon will be connected to the game’s lore, and give you an idea of how it came to be in The Division 2‘s expansive world. The team is said to have put a lot of time and effort into determining how these exotic weapons will act, so they should be worth the wait once they’re patched into the game.