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The Division 2 Replay Missions | Can you repeat missions?

Like any game, The Division 2 allows players the chance to replay missions on different difficulties. Typically, when you replay a mission, you do it for one of three reasons. Either you failed the first time, it was too easy, or you want better loot. That’s pretty much the case in The Division 2. When you replay a mission at a higher difficulty, not only will you face harder enemies but you will also receive better gear. There are three levels of difficulty that you can choose from, each requiring certain objectives to be unlocked, and each rewarding you differently. Can you repeat missions? Absolutely! Here’s what you need to know.

How do I replay a mission in The Division 2?

The Division 2 Replay Missions

If you want to go after some of that extra intel and XP or maybe you just enjoyed a mission and want to replay it, then you’ll need to know how to replay that mission. For starters, you’ll need to beat it in story mode before the option even becomes available to you. However, once you’ve done that, just head back to the mission select area where you will see the option to replay the mission.

To select the difficulty, simple press G on PC, Y on Xbox One, and triangle on PlayStation 4. You can then enter into the mission like normal and earn your rewards!

What are the different levels of difficulty in The Division 2?

The Division 2 Replay Missions

The first “level” of difficulty is just the normal mode, or as it is referred to in The Division 2, “Story” mode. You cannot access any of the other difficulties until you have beaten the mission in story mode. This mode is available to players at the beginning of the game and is necessary to complete in order keep playing the game.

Once you have beaten the mission on story mode, you will unlock normal and hard mode. Normal difficulty features standard difficulty division agents. Hard difficulty is pretty much the same, but faces you off against more veteran agents, making the challenge just a bit tougher. If you defeat a mission on the hard difficulty, you will be rewarded with target intel and extra XP, which can go a long way to leveling up your character!