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The Division 2 Meet Up With Division Coordinator Bug | Why can’t I complete the White House mission?

One of the earliest objectives in The Division 2, Meet Up With Division Coordinator in the White House, appears to be bugged, and could potentially be game-breaking for some. The quest step, which pops up after Dawn’s Early Light during the battle on the White House lawn during the game’s early stages, for some, isn’t working. Whether it’s a case of not being able to complete Meet Up With Division Coordinator in The Division 2 or if you simply can’t interact with the brown door and the objective marker, here’s a few tips on how to forge forward and finish the White House mission, “Meet Up With Division Coordinator” so you can start upgrading your base of operations.

The Division 2 | Why can’t I complete Meet Up With Division Coordinator?

Meet Up With Division Coordinator


Once you finally make your way to the Base of Operations in the White House (and later on in the game), you’ll be tasked with meeting Manny, the Division Coordinator, upstairs. However, many, such as those on the Ubisoft forums, can’t interact with the door when you go up to complete the objective. The image above shows what it should look like.

But why can’t you meet the Division coordinator? As posited on Reddit, it may stem from the fact that players are joining up with buddies who have already completed the objective. In short, The Division 2 goes a bit haywire with what has and hasn’t been done, and locks you out of “watching” the cutscene that triggers after Meet Up With Division Coordinator, because in the game’s mind it’s already been done. For now, it’s a plausible a reason as any.

Is there a Meet Up With Division Coordinator bug fix?

Meet Up With Division Coordinator

Yes, but you might not like it. Starting over with another agent might be the best possible fix, only this time I’d recommend not joining another squad or any of your friends’ lobbies until after you’ve completed the game’s first main mission in the Theatre. It definitely seems like something nefarious triggers if you join other lobbies before then if your squad have already gotten further in the game than you.

You should also flag this up with Ubisoft Support on Twitter so a retroactive fix can be applied sooner rather than later so you can get on with the rest of the story alongside everyone else.