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The Division 2 Strongholds | Skirmishes, Endgame, and more

The Division 2 Strongholds are the game’s version of skirmishes, and give you the chance to take down big players in enemy factions. They don’t stay liberated though, as invaded Strongholds in the endgame phase offer you another challenge. Find out what’s worth knowing about The Division 2 Strongholds.

The Division 2 Strongholds | What are they?

division 2 strongholds endgame

The Division 2 Strongholds are major skirmish areas that require your help to be liberated from enemy factions, such as the Hyenas. When you take up arms to begin one, you’ll have to defeat a set number of enemy waves. These culminate in a firefight against a faction leader in the final wave and, if you beat them, you’ll save this area.

Each Stronghold has a required minimum XP level that you’ll need to be in order to stand a chance of completing them. They are best taken down with a group of agents, so don’t be the hero and try to tackle them alone.

The Division 2 Strongholds | Endgame and Invaded Strongholds

division 2 strongholds invaded black tusk

The Division 2 Strongholds don’t stay in your safe arms forever. Once you complete the game’s story campaign, you will enter the endgame phase. This introduces a faction known as the Black Tusk, who we’ve already written about in our Black Tusk guide.

The Black Tusk invade the entire map and take over these areas that you freed first time around. You’ll need to go back and liberate them again in order to remove the threat of the Black Tusk. Again, these present a formidable challenge to you as a solo agent, so you’re best tackling them with friends or other players.

Once you complete an invaded Stronghold, a new World Tier will be unlocked. World Tiers act as milestones in the endgame, and they make enemies tougher to beat if you encounter them. Killing them or driving them out rewards you with special loot, however, so it’s worth sticking around and not running from a fight.