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The Division 2 How to Heal | Items, Skills, and more

Healing in The Division 2 isn’t as easy as you’d like it to be. All too often you will become surrounded and get killed by enemies as your health deteriorates quickly after your shield has gone. You can heal, however, but it can prove slow. Read on for the full skinny on how to heal in The Division 2 as well as recovering armor and the best skills to improve healing.

The Division 2 How to Heal | Armor Kits

The Division 2 How to Heal

Your armor gauge acts as your health bar for the most part in The Division 2. Once this has depleted after taking a few hits, your actual health bar is quick to run out and cannot be healed (although it will eventually refill if you avoid taking damage for a small while). You will definitely want to keep your armor gauge as high as possible at all times.

The earliest way you can do this is by using Armor Kits. Using an Armor Kit is slow, however. You’ll have to hunker down behind something and hold down right on the d-pad (the V key while playing with mouse and keyboard). It’ll take a few seconds to use an Armor Kit, and they are rare to find as loot from enemies. Thankfully, there are other ways in which you can heal your Armor effectively in The Division 2. Armor Kits should only be used as a last resort.

The Division 2 How to Heal | What Skills help to heal?

The Division 2 How to Heal

If you’re finding The Division 2 is kicking your behind a little too often, you will want to spend some Skill points to target healing improvements. Thankfully, there are a few Skills that will heal your armor more quickly and effectively than the Armor Kits ever will. Perhaps the most effective is the Reinforcer Chem Launcher.

This will disperse a cloud of armor-healing gas that you and your teammates can make the most of. It’ll help you to auto-revive, too. You can drop or throw up to three Reinforcer Chem Launchers at any one time. The more you drop, the quicker your armor will heal. Unlike the Armor Kits, too, you will be able to move and heal as long as you remain within the circle of the healing gas.

There are a few armor-healing Skills you can unlock alongside the Reinforcer Chem Launcher. These are as follows:

  • Chem Launcher Reinforcer: Creates armor-healing gas that will heal you and your allies.
  • Drone Fixer: Deployable drone that will heal yours or your allies’ armor when told.
  • Hive Restorer: Micro repair drones heal yours and allies’ armor.
  • Hive Reviver: Will revive you and fallen allies.

There are several Gear upgrades that’ll help you to heal, too. The Fenris Group AB Gear will heal you by 20 percent when you kill an enemy. The Ceska Vyroba s.r.o heals you by 10 percent after a kill, but will boost your health by 15 percent. Read more about all the Division 2 Skills and Gear combos in our guide.