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The Division 2 Auto-revive | How to self revive

The Division 2 auto-revive skill is one that will be vital if your team mates can’t get to you to in time to get you back into the game. You will certainly want to know how to self-revive, in case of emergencies or if you simply can’t wait to be brought back from the brink. Learn how The Division 2 auto-revive works, and which skills you need to use it.

The Division 2 Auto-revive | What skills do I need?

Division 2 Auto-revive hive skill

The Division 2 auto-revive feature can be unlocked within the Hive skill tree. This skill set is best paired with marksman or support loadouts. The marksman option, which allows you be the sniper of your group, can be paired up with Hive skills. If you go one further and use the “Douglas and Harding” brand with this too, you’ll get a 15 percent Hive skill power boost.

The support option, meanwhile, lets you back up your fellow agents. Again, you can pair these loadouts up with Hive skills and, with the “Alps Summit Armament” brand, you can get a 15 percent boost to any Hive skill power.

The Division 2 Auto-revive | How to self-revive

Division 2 Auto-revive reviver ability

To use The Division 2 auto-revive ability, you will need to have unlocked the “Reviver” skill as part of the Hive skill set. This enables you to send over a number of micro-drones to revive your teammates and, depending on how long you hold down the required button for, you can give them more health and armor.

That isn’t what we’re here for, though. To self-revive, you can use these micro-drones to get you up off the floor and back into the action. Simply press the button for this ability, and the drones will give you a health and armor boost to do so.

Bear in mind, however, that you can only use this feature once in any given firefight. It only works if you are within its area of effect too, so if you’re outside of the drones’ range, auto-revive won’t work. Don’t say we didn’t warn you if you fail to heed this advice, agents.