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Anthem Luck Stat Explained | What does Luck percentage do?

Items of higher rarities in Anthem often unlock bonus stats for your Javelin, giving you a random combat buff or special equipment boon. Of course, it can be difficult to find weapons with the best stats, but this is where the Luck stat comes in to play. At first, it’s not directly clear what Luck affects in the game, but with the Anthem Luck stat explained your chances of finding better items are massively increased. In turn, this can help you unlock the best weapons, gear, and support equipment for your Javelin. Read on to find out what does Luck percentage do in Anthem?

Anthem Luck Stat Explained | What does Luck percentage do?

Anthem Luck Stat Explained

When you find a weapon that gives a bonus to your Luck stat, the description doesn’t explain what effect this bonus actually has on gameplay. Thanks to some data analysis from Reddit user Kiriza, we can see that the Luck stat gives you a percentage bonus to your chance to find higher rarities in item loot drops. In short, with the Anthem luck stat explained, you can get rarer (potentially even masterwork) weapons and items by equipping any items with a Luck stat bonus, increasing your chances of getting rarer drops more often.

What’s more impressive is that this Luck stat bonus stacks, so if you’ve got multiple items that grant a bonus to your Luck stat, these combine to make your chances even more favorable. Based on the aforementioned data analysis from Reddit, with enough Luck stat bonuses equipped, your chances of getting an Epic weapon might double from this effect. If you’re hunting for the best equipment, it’s definitely worth wearing any items you find with a Luck stat bonus. However, if you’re hoping to deal the most damage, it might be worth removing your equipment, as a new glitch reportedly increases melee, combo, and ultimate damage once you’ve removed your support items.