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Anthem Loot Update | Have the loot drop rates been changed?

By most accounts Anthem, the latest game from BioWare and one of this year’s biggest loot shooters, is an incredibly fun game, but there are a large variety of problems that players have had with the game. One of the top complaints is the value and consistency of the Anthem loot drop rates, which have either been too much but with not enough quality loot, or far too low. A recent loot drop nerf didn’t go down well in the community, but now there’s a new Anthem Loot Update which will hopefully set things right. Let’s see.

What’s been changed in the Anthem Loot Update?

While Anthem received a big 1.05 patch earlier this week, today’s new Anthem Loot Update is entirely server-side. This means that it’s BioWare essentially patching its own infrastructure, so players don’t have to download a new update on their side. It goes into effect immediately, so players should hopefully spot any differences soon.

There are two major changes with this server-side update, and both of them are for loot drop rates. First off, Masterwork and Legendary loot drop rates have been boosted when playing on Grandmaster 2 and Grandmaster 3 difficulty levels (the hardest levels). The drop rates for Masterwork and Legendary items have also been increased for boss characters at all difficulty levels. According to BioWare, these enemies include Legendary Titan, Epic Titan, Legendary Fury, Legendary Acid Ursix and Legendary Luminary Elder.

What was wrong with the Anthem loot drop rates before?

Last month there was an accidental buff on the drop rates for items, where certain types of loot would drop more often, and it was nerfed soon afterwards. Unfortunately, players realized that the accidental change improved Anthem a lot, and the loot drop rates after the nerf were incredibly tight. Players simply weren’t getting enough quality loot items to make taking on harder enemies and challenges in Anthem worthwhile, especially in the endgame phase, and players organized a temporary boycott until BioWare fixed the loot drops. It looks like BioWare agreed.