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The Division 2 Thieves’ Den Location | Dark Zone special vendor

The Dark Zones in The Division 2 can provide plenty of useful loot, at the risk of losing your head, especially when you know the best places to find rare loot. The Division 2 Thieves’ Den is a hidden location within each of the Dark Zones, which both grants safe harbor for rogue agents wanting to escape the heat, and provides excellent sources of loot. In addition to the No Honor daily rewards backpack, which can be unlocked for a regular supply of loot, the Thieves’ Den special vendor is one of the best sellers of rare loot. Read on to find out how to unlock the Thieves’ Den special vendor location in The Division 2.

The Division 2 Thieves’ Den Location | Where is the Dark Zone vendor?

The Division 2 Thieves' Den Location

As a hidden refuge for all sorts of criminals and charlatans, you won’t be able to access the Thieves’ Den straight away. The location of the Thieves’ Den is only unlocked after you’ve completed a certain amount of Rogue actions within a limited time. Of course, considering the amount of heat that these actions will accrue, it can be difficult to earn your way into the Thieves’ Den at first. Instead of killing other players, which could brand you as a Disavowed Agent or a Manhunted Rogue, this challenge is far easier if you stick to hacking SHD Network terminals or steal Dark Zone chests.

Once you’ve completed enough Rogue actions, the location of the Thieves’ Den will appear on your map. The entry door is marked by a triangle with a line through it, sort of resembling an inverted Deathly Hallows insignia, and through this door lies the Thieves’ Den special vendor. The daily rewards backpack is also found here, but it can only be accessed after you’ve achieved the No Honor perk. Of course, this is only one of the best Dark Zone perks in The Division 2, which can grant extra boons to players that complete certain challenges.